Part II


      Charles stood and sat on the hassock.  Susan and Lisa were on the floor at his feet.  He unzipped his pants and his briefs tented out, the bulge of his cock curving beneath the white cotton fabric of his underwear.  Watching Lisa closely he saw her swallow.  She did not take her eyes off his cock.  Susan still had her arm draped across Lisa and Charles noticed that she lightly stroked Lisa's leg.


      He unsnapped his pants and the fly parted, pressed aside by the strain of his cock.  Susan leaned toward Lisa to get a better look.  Lisa adjusted a little to give her room and Susan moved so that she was sitting shoulder to shoulder with Lisa.  Lisa could feel the length of Susan's naked leg against her own leg.  That, too, was turning her on.  Was she supposed to strip?  She wanted to.   She wanted to expose herself like her friends were doing, but decided to let Charles take the lead.  The erotic tension that had grown was the most exciting thing she had ever enjoyed.


      "Hey, y'all take my shoes off, please."


      Each girl untied and removed one of his shoes.  Susan ripped his sock from his foot and threw in over her shoulder.  Lisa removed his sock carefully, mainly because she wanted to enjoy the feeling of her fingers against his skin as her hands slid down his legs.


      Charles raised his butt from the hassock and pushed his pants down.  Lisa, concentrated on looking at the leg holes of his shorts.  The pressure of his erection caused a gap and she could see dark hair curling in a mass.  The juncture of his torso and his leg was lost in all the hair.  It looked terribly nasty sexy to her.  She swallowed at the thought of running her tongue up that crease and tasting his skin.


      "Ready?" he asked, his hands poised at the waist band of his shorts.


      Lisa could only nod.  Susan said, "Yes, show us what you got big guy."


      He slid his shorts down and his cock sprang free, pointing up with a slight curve.  The tip of him flared smoothly from the darker shaft and was crowned with a pearly drop of clear fluid.  Lisa had to remind herself to breathe.


      "Oh, look," he said, taking a finger and picking up the fluid on the tip of his cock, "I'm wet, too."


      He held his finger out and his wife took his wrist and held his finger beneath her nose.  She closed her eye and breathed in the aroma of his sex.  She held it toward her friend.  Lisa leaned forward and smelled his scent.


      "Lisa, taste it," Susan said.


      Lisa looked at Susan and leaned forward, the pink tip of her tongue stretching out to lick the pre-cum from his finger.  Charles's other hand was slowly stroking on his cock, moving back and forth.  Lisa and Susan leaned forward slightly to watch.


      "Have you ever just got to watch a guy jack-off?" he asked.


      Lisa shook her head no.


      "Are you enjoying it?"




      "And, is that nasty sex?" 


      "Yes.  And I like it.  I like it a lot."


      Susan had a hand between her legs and was slowly rubbing herself.


      Charles leaned back and spread his legs wide.  The girls could see his testicles moving in rhythm of his pumping fist.  They could see the dark, hair-lined crack of his ass disappearing into the seat cushion.


      Susan stretched a hand forward and hefted his balls, moving them gently on her fingers.  He put his head back and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation.  Her hand was warm from between her legs.


      Susan turned to Lisa.  "Do you want to feel him?"


      In response, Lisa stretched her hand out.  Susan took Lisa's hand in her's and pressed it against Charles's balls.  Lisa's hand was cool and the contrast between his heated skin and the coolness of her touch caused his cock to twitch with an involuntary contraction.


      He looked at them and said, "Sit close together."  They moved closer and he scooted the hassock closer.  Their legs had to move to the side of the hassock.  He raised his feet and put them on either side of the girls and rested them on the couch at their back.  He leaned back so that his cock pointed straight up into the air as he continued to stroke it slowly.  He felt Susan's finger probe the crack of his ass.  He moved forward and raised his ass off the cushion.  Susan spread his cheeks and smiled at Lisa.  Lisa bent her head down so she could see his asshole as Susan spread him.


      "Touch him," Susan said.


      Lisa reached one finger out and ran it lightly over the exposed ring of his asshole.  His legs flexed in pleasure.  Susan leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock.  Susan took Lisa's hand in her's and sucked Lisa's fingers into her mouth, making them wet.  She pushed her hand back down to where Lisa could stroke his ass.  Lisa wanted to put her finger inside of him. She wanted to finger fuck his ass, but wasn't sure if she should.  She rubbed her wet finger around his asshole.


      "So," Charles said, "Enjoy?"


      "Yes." Lisa said.


      "How about this?"  He moved, lifting one leg over Susan and repositioning himself with his knees on the hassock, spread so that the girls could see him stroking his cock.  Lisa, without prompting reached up and ran her hand over his ass.  Susan joined her in rubbing his ass.   Lisa spread his cheeks and she looked at the secret parts of him.  His cock looked huge in this position, the curved root of him adding to his length.


      "I'm sorry," Susan said, "I have to have him in my mouth."  She swung around with her back toward him and leaned her head back.  He raised his hips so she could push underneath him and take the tip of his cock into her mouth.  Susan took Lisa's hand and moved it to his cock.


      Lisa gripped him, enjoying the smooth hardness of his erection and its heat.  She started to move her hand back and forth.  She was on her side, facing Susan.  Susan's hand rested lightly on her thigh, high up where her leg emerged from her shorts.  Lisa stroked him back and forth and could not stop looking at where the tip of him disappeared into her friend's mouth.  She was jacking him off in her friend's mouth.  Charles hands were folded under his face.


      Susan started to move, taking more of him into her mouth.  Soon, the edge of Lisa's hand was wet from Susan's lips where they met on his cock.  His scrotum rested on the other edge of her fist, heavy and warm with the weight and heat of his balls.  It moved, almost seeming to flow over her hand as she moved it back and forth.  The skin on his scrotum looked so soft and smooth.  She leaned forward and touched him there with her tongue.


      His cock was becoming wet with Susan's saliva and Lisa's hands moved easier and slicker over his cock.  After that one tentative touch of her tongue on his balls, she leaned back so she could see.   Susan reached up with her hand and found the back of her head.  She pulled her forward, her invitation clear.  Lisa followed that lead and licked his cock between her fist and Susan's mouth.  She let his balls rest flat on her tongue.  Her tongue moved over the skin stretched tight just behind his scrotum.  She knew what she wanted to do.


      She moved her tongue up the crack of his ass, feeling his cheeks on either side of her tongue and feeling the texture of his hair.  She pressed her tongue deeper, seeking to lick him the way she'd seen him lick Susan.  She felt the tiny ridges that surrounded his asshole and she licked him there.  She was licking his asshole.  She had never been turned on more than she was right now by the wanton, unabashed sex that was happening.


      Charles started to moan and clinch his legs.  "If you don't want to make me cum, you both better stop."


      Susan moved his cock from her mouth and said, "Cum baby.  It's okay."  She looked at Lisa.  "Get him off in my mouth."  Lisa could only nod.


      Lisa continued to watch close as she stroked his cock.  He started to move his hips back and forth.  It is like she's fucking her mouth, Lisa thought.  I want this.  I want to do this.


      She moved his cock harder and harder.  Suddenly, she was surprised to feel one of Susan's fingers press into the leg of her shorts.  She moved her leg to give Susan more access and the finger slipped beneath her panties.  She knew that Susan could feel how wet she'd become.


      Susan's thighs were clenching, pressing her clit between folds of skin.  She could feel the wetness between Lisa's legs.  Because of the position they were in, she could not get her finger inside Lisa, but she ran it back and forth, trying to get an angle where she could stimulate Lisa's clit.  Her mouth remained on her husband's cock.


      "I'm gonna cum," he said.


      Lisa put a hand flat on his ass.  She could feel the muscle there, tightening and releasing, pumping as his cock pumped in and out of Susan's mouth.  She wanted to watch.  She could see his ass glistening from her saliva.  His cock and her hand glistened from Susan's saliva.


      By clenching her legs, Susan gave herself a small orgasm.  Lisa moved her hips, trying to press as hard as possible against Susan's finger.  Charles moved his hips as if her were fucking, trying to stretch out the sensations and achieve release, all at the same time.


      Lisa put her face closer to watch.  He started to cum.  For the first time in her life she felt a cock pulsing in orgasm in her hand.  She watched with fascination the spasm of the root of his cock.  Susan laid her head flat and still, holding her mouth open, she let Lisa's hand do all the work.  Lisa pumped his cock.  He started to ejaculate.  He resisted the urge to plunge his cock into his wife's mouth.  He raised his hips, wanting Lisa to be able to see.


      Lisa watched his cum erupt from his cock and shoot into Susan's mouth.  Susan laid her tongue flat against the underside of his cock and swallowed as he emptied into her mouth with a groan.


      "Oh my god," Lisa said.  Susan removed her finger from Lisa's shorts and for a moment, Lisa put her hand between her legs and squeezed, trying to appease the sexual itch of her pussy.


      Charles carefully rolled to the side and lay flat on the floor.  He laughed.  "Well, that was nice."


      "Yes, it was," Susan said.


      "I cannot believe we did that," Lisa said.


      "Did you enjoy?" Susan asked.


      "You know I did.  That was the hottest, nastiest thing I've ever done."


      "Did you enjoy jacking him off in my mouth?"


      "Oh, yes."


      "Did you enjoy licking him?"




      "I couldn't see.  Did you lick his ass?"


      She blushed, but answered.  "Yes."


      "Fun, isn't it?"


      "Oh, yes."


      Charles propped his head up on his hand and said, "We're not through you know."


      "Yes," Lisa said quietly, "I know."



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