The Pastor's Wife And Young Donna Corbin, Part 1

by Single Mom

Eight year old Donna Corbin was ecstatic. So ecstatic in fact that she actually had a skip in her walk. Her mother just told her that she had been accepted to attend the church's summer camp by Mrs Helen Sills, the wife of the church pastor. This was quite an honor, since most of the other girl's who were accpted were twelve or older.

But Donna Corbin was indeed a special young girl. She was courteous, gracious, polite, soft spoken, and a devout young Christian, being raised by a single mother who worked as a waitress for wages so low that they qualified Donna for a "Pastor's Grant." so that Donna could attend the camp. The Pastor's Grant was in fact set up by Helen Sills, for the specific purpose of enabeling young Donna Corbin to attend the camp.

Helen Sills was the 30 year old second wife of the 50 year old Pastor Richard Sills. Both Pastor and Helen Sills were barron of children, and Helen Sills began to look upon Donna Corbin as the daughter she never had, but wanted desperately. Pastor Sills was a diabetic with a bad heart and who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction, removing any hope that he would ever sire children. It was the vast fortune acquired by Richard Sills that kept his wife from taking on a lover, leaving her not only barron, but sexually frustrated. Helen Sills masturbation fantasies soon turned from having sex with virile young men, to having sex with the young Donna Corbin.

Helen Sills began her campaign to seduce the young girl by volunteering to watch Donna after school while her mother was at work. Helen planned short trips to nearby farms to watch animals mate. Donna wasn't quite sure of what was happening, so the whole event had little or no effect on her. Helen, on the other hand would get so turned on by watching a stallion fuck a mare, or a bull fuck a cow, that she had to run to the nearest ladie's room and masturbate.

There were still several weeks before summer camp started, and Helen Sills was anxious to "Break the ice." before camp started so that she didn't have to waste a lot of time at camp seducing Donna. The break came that Sunday during Sunday school class. Young Donna Corbin suddenly crossed her legs, put her hands over her crotch and declared in a loud voice, "I GOTTA GO PEE!"

Thinking quickly, Helen Sills scooped the child up in her arms, and carried her quickly to the girl's lavatory, where she stood Donna in front of the toilet and tugged down her shorts and panties, and was greeted by a golden shower. It was Helen's zeal to get as close to Donna's vagina as she could, that resulted in a face full of warm urine.

Donna began to sob uncontrollably, apologizing profusely between each sob. "I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry . . . I couldn't stop it, honest, Miss Sills."

In an effort to calm the young girl down, Helen said, "Shhhhhh, that's okay baby. Accident's happen," She kissed Donna's forehead, and then her cheeks, and then, quite unexpectedly, she kissed the child on the lips; gently at first, and then less gently.

Donna was quite sure that at some time in her short 8 years on earth, her mother had kissed her on the lips. But never like this kiss. Miss Sill's kiss had been soft, and warm, and lingering, and Donna liked it. She remembered the other girls at school "Practicing kissing." on their arms or even on other girls. Donna had always thought that that was silly, but now she wished that she had joined in. It did feel good all over when Miss Sills kissed her.

And that's when she realized that she was naked from her waist to just below her knees, and she placed both hands at the joining of her legs to cover up. Proper young girl's didn't show their private parts to anyone, not even to their Sunday School teacher. But Miss Sills was telling her that they needed to be sure that she was wiped dry down there or she would get a rash. That's the same thing her mother always told her, so when Miss Sills lifted her up and sat her on the toilet seat, she automatically spread her legs and presented herself to her Sunday school teacher.

Helen Sills gazed at the hairless, puffy 8 year old pussy, and sucked in her breath. So as not to alarm the child, she very slowly tugged Donna's shorts and panties down from her knees to her feet, then removed them. Her heart was pounding as she slowly parted the child's legs, then parted the puffy labia with her thumbs so that she could peer inside.

Donna had never seen the inside of her pussy, so she had no idea of what Miss Sills was looking at. What she did know, was that it felt good when Miss Sills touched her there. She had wiped and washed herself down there a million times, but it never felt this good. Something told her that she was better off not mentioning this to her mother.

The first thing that Helen noticed was that Donna's hymen was intact. No surprise there, although many 8 year olds couldn't claim the same thing. Helen did notice however that the girl's clitoral hood seemed rather large for an 8 year old. Helen couldn't resist touching it, rolling her finger over the hood from side to side, feeling the clitoris move under the hood.

As if by magic, a wide eyed Donna Corbin spread her legs even further as if it were an invitation to her teacher to do as she wished. Ignoring momentarily at least, instructions from her mother. Donna began to move her hips in a circular motion, indicating that she wanted to be touched there again. Unable to resist an obvious invatation from her young friend, Helen leaned over and kissed Donna's clit, licking it until she felt the head peek out from under the hood.

And that's when the child rewarded Helen's efforts with a second golden shower, however, this one went directly into Helen's waiting mouth. Helen knew of course, that the need to urinate was the sign of a prepubescent girls orgasm, and decided this time not to swollow all of it, but retain enough in her mouth to share with her young lover.

Helen leaned forward and kissed her young lover, useing her tongue to part her lips before transferring the urin to Donna's mouth, while Donna sucked on Helen's urine lubricated tongue.

* * * * *

Much work needed to be done before she could properly make love to her young student, and the following week would be involved in doing that work.

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