The Joy of Looking, Chapter 57

by Naughty Mommy

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So, now, Kate, there's something I need to tell you, our mother said. Something you don't know, and that might shock you.

My sister frowned. What is it?

We were all three sitting in Mommy's bed, naked, with Mommy in the middle. There was only one light on in the room, a lamp on a bedside table, on its lowest setting, bathing us in a soft, comforting glow.

Well, she began, it's something I told Julie about earlier this week. And, uh, it's a little embarrassing for me to talk about this, but I want to be honest with you. There are, well, things are going to change a bit with us. I mean, pretty soon we're going to start doing a lot more things together, sexual things, and I want us to really be honest with each other, to always tell each other everything if we can.

Kate was smiling. A lot more sexual things? Like what?

Our mother grinned and chucked her chin. Everything, sweetie. Anything you want. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think we're all ready for it.


Do you think so too?

Think what?

That we're ready for more?

Yeah, definitely! Kate giggled.

Good. Mommy leaned over and gave my 10-year-old sister a kiss on the lips.

Then, with a more serious look, she continued, But what I want to tell you about tonight is something I've already been doing with Molly. As I said, it's kind of embarrassing, but I want you to know about it.

With Molly? What is it?

Taking a deep breath, she said, Sometimes at night, when I feel the need to have some extra closeness, I'll go into her room, or maybe bring her in here with me, and then I let her suck on my nipples. Like she's a baby.

Kate's eyes were wide. It was obvious she'd had no clue as to what was going on.

And while she's doing that, sometimes I masturbate. No, not sometimes, I always masturbate while she sucks my nipples. I masturbate and I have a climax, an orgasm.

I noticed that my mother's hand was moving under the covers, between her legs. It looked like she was touching herself.

There's more too, she said in a soft voice. Sometimes I touch Molly. When she's sucking my nipples, I put my hand on, uh, on her little pussy, over the outside of her panties, and I rub her. She seems to like it, and I like it too, a lot.

Mommy, that's... wow... sighed Kate.

How do you feel about that, honey? Does it bother you?

My sister shook her head, grinning, No, it's, I really like it. It sounds fun.

Good, I'm glad. Our mother seemed relieved. And there's even more, sweetie.

There is?

You see, last night I let Julie suck my nipples too. It was the first time she and I have done that. Well, the first time, anyway, since she was just a little girl. You remember, don't you, when you were little, when you were only 4 or 5 years old, and sometimes I would come into your room at night and hold you on my lap and put my nipple in your mouth? Do you remember that?

Kate nodded. Uh-huh, I do. And now we can do that again?

Yes, baby, Mommy smiled, we can do that again, if you want to.

Oh, man! She looked at our mother's bare breasts, actually licking her lips.

Do you want to?


So, my sister sucked on my mom's nipples while I watched them, and they both masturbated, and I masturbated as well. Unlike me, Kate kept going back and forth from nipple to nipple, hungrily sucking at them, actually making little 'nom-nom' sounds. It was really cute and totally sexy.

I scooted up close, putting one arm around my mom's neck while I continued rubbing myself, kissing her cheek and her mouth as I watched my sister suck her nipples. Mommy climaxed pretty quickly that way, but Kate didn't stop. She continued sucking, sometimes even biting the wet brown nipples, and soon our mother was having a second climax. Kate came herself just after that, and then I did too.

As we recovered from our orgasms, Kate crawled on top of Mommy. They kissed as I watched, then my sister kissed me, and then we all three kissed each other. I felt their lips on mine, their tongues in my mouth, my sister's tongue and lips, my mother's tongue and lips and I looked down to see my hand on one of my mother's breasts and my sister's hand on the other breast. Kate and I were fondling our mother's erect nipples at the same time. So very hot.

After a minute or two, Kate asked, Mommy, can I do that with Molly now? What she does with you?

You mean, have her......

You know, suck on my nipples. That would be awesome!

My mother opened her mouth, but no words came out. Then she turned to me, almost as if asking for permission.

I shrugged and said, I guess if it's okay for you to do it with Molly and if it's okay for me and Kate to do it with you, well, then...

Ergo... Mommy grinned. Julie, you're going to make a great attorney someday. Or maybe even a law professor.

I wasn't so sure about that. I didn't think I had any interest in being a lawyer. But I was flattered that my mom thought I might.

All right, Kate. Your petition is granted. You should thank your counsel.

My sister frowned. I'd read some legal novels and knew the jargon, but she didn't. So, does this mean we can do it? she asked.

Yes, that's what it means, my mother chuckled. She got up out of bed and went to Molly's room, bringing the girl to join us.

Little Molly had been sleeping for a couple of hours. When they came through the door, she was cradled in our mother's arms, blinking and rubbing her eyes. Wearing pink pajamas with feet, her curly blonde hair encircling her head, she looked very young, almost like a toddler, an innocent child, so sweet and pure and so desirable.

Mommy set her down on the bed between me and Kate. Then she got in, climbing over me so she could cuddle with Molly for a few minutes, letting her wake up. She held the child close, murmuring to her, kissing her forehead and her cheeks and her lips, gently caressing her. It wasn't really sexual, not quite, but it was definitely turning me on.

Tonight, little baby, our mother whispered, as she continued kissing Molly, I'm going to have Julie and Kate watch you and me, okay? The way sometimes, you know, we've let other girls or women watch us too. Is that all right?

Our little sister nodded. She seemed happy and content to be nestled in her mommy's arms.

I want to take off your jammies first. Okay?

Molly nodded again. She sat up, letting our mom unzip her pajamas and take them off. Now she was wearing only a pair of yellow cotton undies with cartoon bluebirds on them.

They cuddled again for a minute or so, Mommy petting her blonde hair, Molly's head resting on her chest. Finally my mother took a breast in her hand and held the long nipple just in front of our sister's mouth.

Before she began to suck, Molly glanced at me and Kate. I like doing this, she grinned, and then latched her mouth over the big nipple, sucking just like a baby.

Mommy groaned in pleasure. Mmm, god yes, that's my sweet little girl, good little Molly girl, suck Mommy's nipples. As she said this, she stroked her, rubbing her back, sliding her hand down to caress her bottom on the outside of the yellow undies.

Molly was sitting on our mother's lap, holding the breast in both her hands, her eyes contentedly closed, her mouth eagerly sucking. I started masturbating again as I watched them.

Continuing to rub Molly's bottom and stroke her thigh with one hand, Mommy caressed her cheek and her neck with the other, soon letting her hand slide down to her bare shoulder and then up under the girl's arm to touch her chest. I watched my mother fondle my baby sister's nipples, playing with them. She hadn't told me about doing that, but it seemed perfectly natural, and also extremely arousing. I rubbed my clit faster.

Kate was masturbating too as she took in the scene. Her face was flushed, her lips parted, her breath coming fast. It looked like she was already getting close.

Mommy kissed the top of Molly's head, whispering to her, encouraging her, Such a good little girl, my sweet baby girl, ooh you suck my nipples so nice, you make me feel so good. Then her hand began to move slowly down from the girl's chest to her belly, and then even lower, onto the top of her panties. Molly opened her legs, spreading them apart, giving our mother access to her crotch.

I stared in wonder as our mother gently caressed my 8-year-old sister's pussy through her undies, and then I heard Kate starting to come. I looked over at her.

God! Unh! UNH!! She was fucking herself with a finger, shoving it in deep, her own legs spread wide. Mommy watched her too. We could see her young vulva, almost hairless, her middle finger plunging in and out, shiny with her juices. She kept fucking her pussy, harder and faster, bringing herself again and again.

Molly paid no attention. Apparently she was used to all this. Her eyes were still closed, her small hands clutching our mother's tit, her mouth working on the nipple. She seemed perfectly at ease, as if she never wanted to be anywhere else in the world or do anything else.

Mommy, I want to suck your nipple too, I said. I hadn't planned to say that, but I did. It just came out.

All right, darling, my mom smiled. I lowered my mouth to her other breast, taking the long brown nipple into my mouth, looking over at my sister Molly, who opened her eyes now, just for a second, smiling at me and giggling a little before she sighed and closed her eyes again and continued sucking.

I closed my own eyes, savoring the feel of my mommy's nipple in my mouth. I had one hand still working between my legs, rubbing my clit. I was close, but I wasn't quite ready to come yet. I put the other hand on Molly's chest, fondling her small nipples the way my mother had, feeling them stiffen slightly under my touch. It was amazing, just as I'd dreamed. I was touching my baby sister, touching her little nipples.

But I wanted more.

As I continued sucking my mom's nipple, I moved my hand from Molly's chest to between her legs, and I felt my mother's hand already there, her fingers pressing in, stroking the girl's puffy labia through her panties. I followed her movements, thrilling at the realization of what we were doing, the forbidden but incredibly hot excitement of incestuous lesbian sex.

Then I slid my hand even further down, reaching between my mother's parted thighs, finding her wet pussy. I stroked her, feeling her respond as she opened her legs wider, trying to raise herself to my touch. I was still rubbing myself too, and still sucking her tit, my eyes closed, my senses filled with smells and sounds, the delicious taste of her nipple, the feel of her hot pussy lips under my fingers, the feel of my own hard clit, the swirling pulsing delirious pressure inside me that told me an orgasm was near.

My fingers were moving faster over my mother's labia, sliding up and down, getting coated with her slippery wetness now, and it was easy to push them between her pussy lips, into her hot center. Moaning, I sucked her nipple harder as my fingers explored her sex, rubbing her clit, then slipping down to her vagina, probing inside. I heard her groaning, panting, as I masturbated her, and I could tell that she was getting close too.

Kate was still masturbating, and moaning, but the sound of her voice was coming from somewhere else. Briefly I opened my eyes, just enough to see that she was lying on her side, her head resting on our mother's thigh, close to her crotch. She was staring at my hand, watching as I fingered Mommy's cunt. That made me even more aroused, knowing she could see everything I was doing. I pushed a finger deep inside Mommy's moist vagina, then two fingers. I began fucking her rapidly, forcefully.

Almost immediately my mother started to come.

Fuck YES! she cried. Fuck me harder!

I did.

Oh FUCK! Fucking GOD!! she screamed.

I could actually feel the walls of her cunt clamping down around my fingers. I jammed them in as deep as I could, and deeper still.

Kate was coming too, and I was rubbing my own clit and sucking Mommy's nipple and fucking her wet fucking cunt fucking Mommy's cunt fucking her pussy fucking her fucking her and I exploded into orgasm.


...a mother and her young daughters, 12 years old, 10 years old, 8 years old...

...touching each other and masturbating, sucking nipples, fingering pussies, climaxing together...


Several minutes later, after we had recovered, we cuddled warmly in Mommy's bed, all four of us nestled together. Molly was on top of our mother, her little blonde head resting between her breasts, no longer sucking, just smiling peacefully. Kate was snuggled up on one side of Mommy and I was on the other, hugging, softly touching, breathing easily.

That was so nice, our mother sighed. She kissed the top of Molly's head. Thank you, baby girl.

You're welcome.

More minutes passed... quiet warmth... tender caresses... family closeness...

I was starting to feel sleepy. But Mommy wasn't finished yet.

Molly girl, she whispered, I want to try something else tonight, something new, okay?

Okay, Molly nodded.

You know how sometimes, with some of the other girls like Danni and Katrina, you remember? how I asked you to be with them the same way you are with me?

Molly nodded again. Mommy took her little face in her hands, softly kissing her nose, then her lips. I loved watching her kiss Molly that way. It was so erotic.

So, tonight, baby, she continued, if it's okay with you, I want to see you do it with Katie too, and then with Julie. Would you like to do that?

She nodded eagerly, showing no hesitation at all. My nipples began to throb as I imagined having Molly's mouth on them. I was quickly getting aroused again.

We'll start with Katie, Mommy told her, because she was asking if she could do it with you. She's very excited about it. Okay?

Our mother propped up some pillows for Kate to lean against and soon Molly was sitting on her lap. Immediately I began rubbing my pussy as I watched Molly study Kate's nipples, looking at them, touching them with her fingers, seeing them grow hard. Our baby sister smiled, They look nice.

Kate's breasts weren't very big yet, of course. Her nipples were brown like our mom's, but smaller, with tight dark little areola. I could see that she was trembling as she held Molly in her arms, petting her hair and watching her play with her nipples.

Go ahead, baby girl, Mommy encouraged in a gentle voice, suck Katie's nipples now.

Molly giggled and squirmed a bit in Kate's lap, clearly delighted to have this tasty new treat in front of her, and then she closed her eyes and put her mouth over a nipple, sighing as she began to suck. One hand held the little titty she was sucking, the other fondled Kate's other nipple.

Oh my god, Katie moaned. She put a hand on Molly's leg, tenderly stroking her smooth young thigh. Molly raised her knee, opening herself up for Kate's touch. Kate obliged, putting her hand on Molly's crotch, caressing her immature pussy through the cartoon bluebird undies.

I rubbed my clit fast. This was more exciting than almost anything I'd even seen. My two little sisters having sex with each other!

My mother was masturbating too. We looked at each other, grinning lustfully. It was all starting to happen. Soon, as my mom had told us, we would be doing everything together.

Kate didn't climax with Molly sucking her nipples. I'm not sure if she was shy about doing that, or if she felt no need for it, or what. She just laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, sometimes squeezing her thighs together and then shuddering slightly. She put her hand over Molly's hand on her breast, pressing it to her, and stroked Molly's hair. They looked very happy together.

Kate didn't come, but Mommy did.

Her orgasm this time was not as loud as before, but I'm sure it was no less pleasurable. Fucking her pussy with one hand, squeezing a tit and pinching her nipple with the other, getting red in the face, she groaned and panted, Yes, yes, yes! Her sexual smell was strong, that oily musky scent of her hot wet cunt that I loved so much, that I craved.

I wanted to taste her.

I got down between her legs, watching her climax, inhaling her heady aroma. As soon as it appeared that she was finished coming, after the final spasms had shaken her body, I took her wrist, drew her fingers slowly out of her vagina, and raised them dripping to my mouth. I sucked on them, savoring her delicious flavor.

Oh, Julie, I heard her breathe. I got up on my knees and brought my lips to hers, kissing her, putting my arms around her, pulling us together, feeling her breasts on mine.

We kissed and kissed, using our tongues, sighing and moaning, running our hands over each other's naked bodies. When we finally pulled away, giggling, wiping our mouths, we looked over to find that Molly and Kate were watching us.

Kate had seen me kiss my mom that way before, of course, and she had done it as well, but this was a first for little Molly. She may have seen our mother kissing other women, probably she had, but never me, her own big sister, doing that. We were all being introduced to new things.


To complete the magical evening, I had Molly sitting on my lap, my precious blonde baby sister, so smooth and soft and touchable. She was almost naked, wearing nothing but those cute little girl undies, and now she was sucking my nipples.

Oh my god, it was about the best thing I had ever felt. I couldn't have imagined it would be as good as it was. No wonder my mother couldn't give it up! I petted my sister's hair and cooed to her and played with her little nipples as she sucked my tit. Before I even moved a hand down there, she was opening her legs, inviting me to touch her, almost begging me. I couldn't resist, of course. I put my hand over her yellow cotton panties and rubbed her little pussy and felt my own pussy getting very wet.

Kate was on one side of me, sitting very close, watching us and masturbating. Mommy was on the other side, also watching. She was stroking Molly's back, whispering to her, sometimes kissing me. A few times she leaned down to lick my other nipple, taking it briefly into her mouth and sucking it as well. I thought for sure I must have died and gone to heaven lesbian incest heaven, that is.

And then something even better happened. I felt a hand between my legs, touching me, fingering me. It was my mom. She was masturbating me as Molly sucked my nipples. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, just feeling everything... my sister's sweet little mouth on my tit, my mother's fingers caressing and teasing my pussy, my own hand rubbing Molly's puffy lips through her undies.

And I wanted more.

Keeping my eyes shut, I slipped my hand inside Molly's underwear, inside her panties, onto her bare pussy. I was feeling her, touching her, just as I'd dreamed about so many times. She was soft and smooth and very warm down there. I rubbed her gently. She didn't resist, didn't complain, didn't seem to mind at all.

Part of me knew I was taking a big risk. I feared my mom might get angry if she saw what I was doing, and maybe that was why I kept my eyes closed, because if I couldn't see it, it was as if no one else could.

I don't know if Mommy saw me touching Molly that way or not. She didn't say anything and I didn't open my eyes. I never asked her about it. Soon enough, of course, we would all be doing a lot more, but this was a first. It was the first time I had touched my little sister that way, maybe the first time anyone had ever touched her that way. My fingers were right on her tender little pussy, sliding up and down, moving faster.

And my mom's fingers were touching me the same way, moving faster, sliding up and down, getting me very hot and wet, playing with my clit, sometimes tickling at the opening to my vagina.

I heard Katie squealing. She was climaxing as she watched what I was doing.

I was getting close too. My mother continued masturbating me, and now she put her mouth over my breast again, sucking on my nipple. She had to be able to see where my hand was, I thought, but she didn't say a thing. She just sucked my tit, sucking it hard, sucking my erect nipple so hard it almost hurt and yet was intensely arousing at the same time. She sucked and Molly sucked and Mommy rubbed me and I rubbed Molly and then I was coming.

Ohh!!! I groaned, my legs clamping together around my mom's hand.

I shuddered, gasping, holding Molly's head against my breast with one hand while the other pressed in on her little pussy, pressing in enough that my middle finger actually slipped between her lips, inside her slit, and when I realized this, I came even harder.

God!! I cried, feeling my mom's fingers still stroking my clit, her mouth and tongue on my nipple, Molly's mouth on my other nipple, my finger inside my baby sister's slit, touching the hot little pussy of an 8-year-old girl. I climaxed again and again.


We were a very, very happy family that night.

I finally finished my extended series of orgasms. I don't know how many I had in a row as Mommy masturbated me and I fingered Molly, but it was a lot. Eventually it ended. I took my hand from Molly's panties and slowly opened my eyes. My mother was smiling at me. She kissed me. Molly released my nipple from her mouth and grinned up at me. I leaned down and kissed her too, kissed her lips. Kate cuddled in close to me. I had them all around me, my wonderful lesbian family, my two sisters and my mom, as close as we could be.

We stayed that way for a while, just resting and breathing comfortably, until Mommy told us it was time for everyone to go to bed. She lifted Molly into her arms and carried her to her room. Kate and I got out of our mother's bed, gathered up our clothes, and walked hand in hand down the hall, sharing a sweet goodnight kiss before going to our separate rooms.

I fell asleep right away.

Later, something woke me. I'd heard a sound, out in the hall. It was my little sister's voice. Molly's voice. I looked at the clock. I'd already been asleep for more than an hour, but apparently my mom had needed something more before she went to sleep. She was taking Molly from her room for a little extra fun, or perhaps returning her after the fun was over.

Either way, it didn't matter. I knew what it was. My curiosity was satisfied, and I was very pleased with what I'd learned. I turned onto my other side and smiled to myself as I began to fall back to sleep: I wasn't the only one who was insatiable.

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