Gracie and Janice, Chapter 3 - The Bedroom

by FertileMind

Gracie and Janice continue their loving incestuous introduction to the joys of lesbian sex with Jewell and Lindy. Their bath finished the four lovers move to the bedroom to start the next phase of the girls sexual education.

Gracie sank back into the water and Janice's arms, kissing her and tasting her own juices on her lovers lips. She sighed contently as she felt the embrace of her youngest daughter Lindy next and they shared another wet kiss. Jewell and Janice embraced, Gracie saw their lips come together softly. Jewell's expression told Gracie she could taste her slick juice on her Aunt Janice's lips. It sent a tingle down her spine as she watched Jewell lick Janice's lips as she tasted her Mommy's cunt cream.

The four of them floated in a warm timeless limbo, wet hands caressing one another softly as they shared delicious kisses back and forth. Janice finally said, "The water is cooling, lets all rinse off and we'lll go to our bed together." She looked at both girls and said, "Your Mother and I still have so much to teach you, this is just the very beginning of the wonderful things you'll learn."

The water was drained and the four of them shared giggles and kisses as they rinsed off. The girls tickling each other as Gracie and Janice ran warm water over them. Their sexy young bodies glistened in the candlelight. Janice grabbed two giant soft towels giving one to Gracie. Janice started rubbing dry Lindy as they shared sweet soft kisses. Gracie and Jewell did the same as Gracie dried Jewell. The hairdryers whined as everyone got their hair at least a little bit dryer before they all piled onto to the bed.

Once on the bed they stretched like cats, the girls feeling very naughty being naked with their Mommy and Aunt Janice on their big bed. Gracie's heart was pounding as Jewell lay atop her, the full delicious weight of her naked young body, their hot skin touching all over. Gracie's nipples ached as Jewell's hard little nubs rubbed against them, the pressure of her smooth chest on Gracie's breasts was exquisite.

Janice lay beside Lindy, her small legs spread wide, opening herself to her Aunts sweet touch. Janice spoke softly to both girls, "You saw how I made mommy feel good in the bath with my mouth girls? Well now mommy and I are going to show you what it feels like to have someone kiss you there. To have another woman, another girl, use her mouth her lips and her tongue, to bring you pleasure."

Gracie slid Jewell off of her laying her on her back. Gracie settled her body on top of her, most of her weight on her elbows as she kissed Jewell deeply. Their tongues were slipping back and forth as Gracie pressed her pelvis down into Jewell's, feeling herslick shaved cunt spasm as she did. She said, "Darling, Mommy wants to love you so bad, to taste your sweet cunt, to taste your sweet juice! Can Mommy kiss your beautiful pussy baby, hmmm? Can I make my baby feel good with my lips and my tongue?"

Her last words were punctuated with a wet swipe of her tongue across and around Jewell's moist lips. Her baby's breath was hot and sweet against Gracie's face. The little girl was flushed and pink all over from the warm bath. The delicious fever of lust was burning in her young body, deep in her belly. Gracie smiled and kissed her way slowly down Jewell's slender neck. From the corner of her eye she saw Janice wetly kissing Lindy again, then showering her pretty face with kisses as she began a slow decent like Gracie.

Gracie kissed and licked Jewell's neck and nuzzled her ear for a warm second, her tongue licking her earlobe, the wet tip sending a shiver through Jewell's body as Gracie touched it to her inner ear. She whispered to her baby, "I love you Jewell, I love you so much. Mommy's gonna make you feel so good baby."

Jewell was lost in the sensations overwhelming her young body. Her mothers kisses were making her shake, when Mommy touched her tongue to her ear it felt like electricity was traveling through her body. Gracie was moving slowly, licking the hollow of her baby's neck and kissing her way down to her daughters tiny hard nipples. Gracie stopped there, examining them in minute detail, memorizing every tiny bump, the texture of her skin. Her tongue swirled wetly again, around and around the hard little nub of Jewell's left nipple, then her right. She elicited a low moan from her baby as she did.

Jewell opened her eyes to see her Mommy's tongue sending currents of pleasure through her body. Her little nipples felt wonderful as she watched her mother suckle them and pull on them with her mouth. Making them pink and wet, swell and grow as she sucked them, pulling her sensitive flesh up and into her hot sucking mouth. Jewell had no idea such feelings could come from her nipples. She wanted to kiss her Mommy's and her Aunt Janice's nipples the same way.

Next to them on the bed Janice and Lindy were in their own small world of pleasure. Janice had lubricated her fingers with saliva, rubbing it on Lindy pink swollen cunt. Her fingers masturbated the sweet sexy little 5 year old as she made her way down her slim young body in a fashion similar to Gracie. Janice lavished attention on Lindy's own tiny nipples. Sucking them hard, pulling on them, lashing them with her tongue making Lindy gasp when she did. Janice's tongue dipped into Lindy's belly button and left a wet trail of kisses and licks down to the tasty treasure Janice desired most.

She looked up at Lindy who's eyes were open, a sparkle of light burning in each as she looked at her Aunt Janice. Janice smiled hungrily, and as Lindy watched she touched her tongue to Lindy's wet tasty flesh. Janice let out a moan of her own as the delicious taste of Lindy's essence filled her mouth. The little girl was wet, Janice's fingers had brought forth her tangy slick juice, hot and slick it coated Janice's tongue.

Janice probed gently, pushing the tip of her tongue into Lindy's hot little hole, getting the tip and a little more of her hungry tongue into her sweet little lovers cunt. She looked at the small pink bump at the top of Lindy's cunt slit, so hard, so ready. She licked upward, Lindy's juice on her tongue as she teased Lindy's hard little clit again and again, swirling her tongue around and around. Lindy gasped and then let a deep groan escape as Janice captured her clit and suckled it gently.

Gracie was moving again, ever downward to the feast of Jewell's own special treasure, the place she wanted to taste more than anything. As Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, Gracie wanted to sin in her own lush garden, Eden held no comparison to Jewell. She looked closely at her daughters vagina, Jewell was very wet, her cunt so pink and soft. Gracie wanted to open her mouth and take her daughter's sweet cunt in all at once, to swallow her whole. As she delivered her final butterfly kisses to the inside of her baby's sexy thighs, she looked up at her and smiled.

Jewell was about to lose her mind, her mother's kisses teased and teased, licking and kissing all around her young cunt, Jewell could feel her own wetness. She watched as her Mommy kissed the insides of her legs and smiled at her. With their eyes locked Gracie slowly pushed her tongue into Jewell's hot pink hole. Jewell closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her mothers tongue touch her cunt, sending even more intense sensations through her immature body.

Gracie groaned to herself as her baby's sweet thick cream coated her tongue and her taste encompassed all her senses, Oh God, she's delicious, I want to taste her forever, I will remember this first taste forever. She moaned again as she swallowed and the vibration traveled through her tongue and into Jewell's aching pussy. Gracie had never tasted anything as sweet, it was her baby, her daughters own sexual essence. A unique thing produced only through the magic of love, and the sweet sex that came with it. She swallowed again wanting Jewell's juice inside of her, a part of her soul.

Gracie's tongue delved as deeply as it could, when she had slipped her tongue into Jewell's treasure as far as she could, she slowly slipped it out and up. Her target was but a fraction of an inch away, the hard pink nub of Jewell's clit called to her. It screamed at her, demanded her attention. Gracie listened, she flicked it with the tip of her tongue and saw her daughters flesh quiver with the sensation. The muscles of Jewell's abdomen rippled and she heard Jewell gasp and moan. Gracie began to slather her daughter's clitoris with wet hard licks, then soft twirling sucks and still more wet slow licks!

Gracie was lost in Jewell's sweet cunt, hungry for something she knew she could never get enough of. After several minutes Jewell began to rock slowly from side to side. Her small hands gripped fistfuls of silk sheet, she unconsciously began thrusting her slim hips up, fucking her cunt against her mothers mouth.

Next to them Lindy was in a frenzy as well, Janice was pummeling her baby clit with her tongue, working to give Lindy the feeling Jewell had experienced. She felt Lindy's body begin to tremble, her eyes were closed tight and her face was red! The little girl was moaning loudly, something inside of her broke. An explosion of light and color in her young mind. She let out a huge breath of air and drank in another. Janice felt it on her tongue, felt the contractions as Lindy cried out and breathed in sharply again then crying out, "OH OH OH Ooooohhhh, ooooohhhhh oooohhhh!"

Janice held her young body and kept her mouth to Lindy's flesh, she tasted a small warm spurt of urine as Lindy's body lost control for a short second. A tiny bit of pee escaping as she experienced her very first orgasm at the skilled mouth of her Aunt Janice. Janice swallowed the delicious mix of her sexual juices and the tiny mild flavored spurt of her urine. Lindy was gasping for air now, her eyes still tightly shut as her tiny hips gyrated with the sensations of her immature orgasm. As Janise held her Lindy began to quiet and Janice's attention turned to Gracie and Jewell.

Jewell was crying out as well, but she was older and had felt this incredible sensation twice before! Her back arched up off the bed as Gracie held her mouth to Jewell's sweet pussy. Jewell proclaimed it to them loudly, "AAAHHH Ahhh Maaaa. Oooh oh Mommaaa, I'm doin it, aaahhh again, again Mommaaaaa again. Oooooohhhh yes yes, oooohh its so nice, aaaahh so nice." Gracie held on to Jewell as she rode the crest of her orgasm, waiting for her to come down from her high.

Janice smiled and began to kiss her way back up Lindy's trembling body, leaving another wet trail with her tongue until she reached Lindy's sweet mouth and shared the flavor of her own young body with her. Lindy was red faced, she looked confused and flustered as she hugged Janice hard, their bodies entwined. Janice whispered to her, telling her what a delicious little flower she was, and how much her Mommy was going to enjoy loving her.

Gracie made her way back up Jewell's scrumptious body and was holding Jewell now, her oldest daughter amazed that such a wondrous feeling could happen to her again. She asked in her sweet little girl voice, "Mommy, will it always be like that when we play together? Will it always feel this good? Will my cum happen like that again and again?"

Gracie nodded and kissed Jewell's forehead, "Yes lover, it'll even get better if you can imagine that. It'll feel sweeter and sweeter every time you make love to the people you love most. Your sissy, your Aunt Janice, and me darling. We'll be able to share these feelings again and again."

Janice said, "The both of you will learn how to give as well as receive the wonderful gift of sexual pleasure. With your lovers, with us sweethearts, whenever we want."

Both girls were in awe as they contemplated their future, a future where they could play naked with their Mommy and their Aunt, where sweet special kisses would be normal. Where they could feel these wonderful things every day. It made their little heads spin and their young hearts pound.

Janice said, "Now we want to teach you both how to please us. We want to teach you to do the same things we have done to you tonight. Would you both like to try?"

Both girls nodded vigorously and Gracie said, "I want to show the two of you how to make Aunt Janice feel that special feeling, how to make her pussy very wet. How to make her cum like you both did just a few minutes ago. Would you like that?"

Again the vigorous nods as Janice smiled at Gracie, Janice had intended on teaching the girls. Instead she kissed Gracie and lay back, spreading her legs wide, exposing herself completely to the three people she loved most in this world. The girls looked excitedly as Janice's swollen fat labia parted wetly, revealing a deep pink interior and a huge bump at the top, her clit. It was the size of a small grape, and it seemed to throb with the beat of her heart as they watched.

Gracie looked at her lover with unbridled desire and had to control herself as she brought the girls together between Janice's wide spread legs. "Isn't you Aunt Janice's pussy beautiful? Mommy has kissed and licked and sucked her many times. She's so delicious, you'll never be able to get enough of her cream once you've tasted her."

The girls looked almost scared to touch her for fear they might do something wrong but Gracie showed them what to do. First she gently slipped her finger into Janice's slick wet heat, moving her finger up and down through the dripping folds of her flesh, circling her fat clit and making her lover groan. She said softly, "Jewell, Lindy, gently do what I'm doing, don't be afraid. Aunt Janice loves being touched by her lovers, we're all lovers now. Touch her, feel her."

Both girls slowly reached toward Janice's soaked slit, Janice groaning uncontrollably as their small fingers touched her. She watched through half closed eyes as Gracie encouraged them, guiding their now slick fingers into her body. She showed them how to rub her swollen clit as they grew more confident seeing how much their Aunt Janice was enjoying it.

Jewell asked breathless, "Are we doing it good Aunt Janice, do you like the way we're touching you?"

Janice sighed, "Oh God yes sweethearts, please keep touching me, it feels so good! Finger my hot cunt darlings, mmmm, rub my clit, aaaahhh yesss, like that!"

As the girls explored Gracie took her fingers, coated with Janice's cream, looking at the girls she brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean. The girls were glowing as they watched their Mommy dip her finger back into Aunt Janice's wet hole along with their fingers. Janice moaned as Gracie offered her finger to Lindy who opened her mouth without hesitation and sucked her Aunt's warm cream from Gracie's finger. Gracie did it again, for Jewell this time, and still once more for herself before she kissed both her daughters so they could all share Janice's delicious cunt cream!

Gracie slid around behind the girls, telling them to each use two fingers now, and to use their little thumbs to rub Aunt Janice's fat hard clit. As they did Janice hissed and arched her back thrusting herself towards the two girls. "Aaaaahhh yessss, touch me baby's, mmmm, finger fuck my hot cunt, oooohh its soooo good, fuck me baby's fuck your Aunts hot pussy!"

Her naughty language had the girls even more excited as Gracie kissed the back of their necks and slid a hand between their legs. She found them both wet again and she gently rubbed and fingered them lightly as they masturbated Janice together. Gracie was rubbing her firm breasts against Jewell back, her nipples aching with lust. She took her finger from Lindy's little pussy and brought it to Jewell's mouth. Jewell sucked it clean of her sisters juice. As soon as she did Gracie fed her other finger coated with Jewell's wetness to Lindy, the feeling of her youngest daughter sucking her finger sent a shiver up and down her spine.

Gracie could see Janice closing in on an earth shattering orgasm. She urged the girls on as she masturbated them, "That's it baby's, mmmm rub Aunt Janice's big fat clit harder, you won't hurt her! Yessss, she likes that! Fuck your little fingers in her girls, ooooh very good!"

Gracie was behind them rubbing her hard nipples on their backs as each of her hands went around their tiny waist's and between their legs rubbing them steadily. Her own cunt was soaked, she could feel her own juices running down the inside of her thighs. She was kissing and licking Jewell's and Lindy's neck and ears as she watched Janice throw her head back.

She cried out, "AAAHHH God, Ooohhh ooohh fuck! Cummming, aaaahhh cumming Jewell! Aahhhh Lindy, making me cummmm so good!"

Gracie couldn't stand it, she slipped around the girls and captured Janice's throbbing clit with her moutht as she was cumming. The girls watched in fascination and awe as their mother suckled their Aunt Janice's swollen clit as she continued her orgasm. Both Lindy and Jewell felt the vaginal contractions on their fingers as Janice's cunt clenched again and again.

Janice bucked her hips up and Gracie held her mouth to Janice's clit as the girls pulled their sticky wet fingers away. Janice rode the waves and moaned and cried in pleasure, "Yesss, yessss, suck me baby! Aaaahhh fuck suck my clit lover, suck it suck it! Aaaaahh aaaahhh aaahhh!"

Finally she lay still her full breasts rising and falling with her breathing. Janice pulled Gracie to her and kissed her deep and wet. As she did she reached for the girls who came to her, Lindy on top of her and Jewell to one side. As she finished her kiss with Gracie she began sharing hot wet kisses with the girls. Gracie took their fingers and pressed them in between their mouths so Janice and the girls could suck and lick them as they kissed.

Now it was just the sounds of breathing and wet licking sucking lips. Tongues slipping back and forth between four hungry mouths. After a few minutes Janice rolled to her side and onto Gracie, laying her full weight on her lover as they kissed. She looked at the girls, "Who wants to help Aunt Janice suck Mommy's hot wet cunt hmmm? Do you want to make Mommy cum like you did me? Want to make her shout when she cums like you did to me, hmmmm?"

Jewell and Lindy's eyes were bright with excitement and Gracie moaned, "Ooohh God yes, please Janice, oh Jewell, Lindy, baby's suck Mommy's cunt, please make me cum with your hot sexy mouths!"

Janice smiled and kissed her way down Gracie's neck pulling the girls close. She whispered softly, "Mmmm, lets start with Mommy's beautiful breasts, her big hard nipples, watch me."

Gracie sighed as Janice twirled her wet tongue around and around Gracie's nipple and then captured it and sucked it like she was a baby. She released it and it looked even bigger than before, she said, "Jewell sweetie come on this side with me and Lindy you stay there. I want the two of you to lick and suck Mommy's nipples just like I did, do it together."

Jewell slid in between Janice's hot body and her mother's and Lindy small hand reached for her mothers breast and the two of them began licking and sucking Gracie's hard nipples. Gracie was moaning, "Oh Jesus, so sweet, aaahh so good, mmmm, suck my nipples. Yesss, squeeze my breasts, hard, squeeze them baby's, aaahh yesss."

Janice had a wicked smile as she watched, fondling both girls cunts as they explored Gracie's firm breasts and fat nipples with their hot mouths. She slid between her lovers legs now, watching the obscene tableau of lesbian pedo incest play out before her eyes. She was experiencing a lust she had not felt since making love to her sister Evelyn and her girlfriends as a child. It was so taboo, so erotic, it could not be anymore sexually arousing than it was.

The girls were relentless as Gracie's nipples swelled, her aureole bumpy and pink as the two sexy children suckled their mother like infants. Janice and Gracie's eyes met and a look of passion passed between them that almost sparked. Janice said seductively, "Come on hungry baby's, its time to taste Mommy's sweet hot pussy. Time to suck her dripping wet cunt lips, and suckle her fat clit like you did her nipples."

Their three faces were together inches from Gracie's wet pussy, Gracie's scent intoxicated Janice as she kissed Jewell and then Lindy. She smiled again, "Its time to taste Mommy, watch me again." They saw their Aunt's tongue, long and pink snake towards their Mommy's cunt. They heard their mother gasp as Janice slipped her tongue in between the dripping wet folds of Gracie's swollen labia. Watched as she wiggled it deeper, coating it with their mothers slick cream. They saw her run her tongue up through the wetness and stop at the top, where Gracie's fat clit stood erect. They heard their Mommy moan loudly as their Aunt twirled her tongue around and around their mothers clit.

When she pulled away she turned her head to kiss each girl in turn so they could taste. She smiled when she was done, "See, I told you she was delicious."

Jewell nodded, "Mmmm, it's good Aunt Janice, so warm and tasty, like a sweet tart candy." Lindy nodded her agreement, "Can we try, can we lick Mommy's pussy?"

Janice smiled and looked at Gracie who was squirming as she anticipated what was about to come. Janice told them, "Jewell, I want you to lick and suck Mommy's cunt lips, push your tongue inside her and wiggle it around again and again, lick and suck her all over. Lindy baby, I want you to play with Mommy's fat clit, lick it with the tip of your tongue and then suck on it nice and easy. Play with sissy and make Mommy feel real good."

Both girls nodded as Janice got out of the way so she could watch and guide them as Gracie started moaning. Her daughters, her babies were sucking her cunt, aaaahh it felt so good, it was so nasty, so wicked. She loved it, loved the taboo of it, the perverted nature of it. She wanted it more than anything. She almost swooned as she felt Lindy's hot little lips close over her clit, sucking her sensitive nub softly. She felt sensuous currents of pleasure coursing through her body as they licked and sucked her.

She wouldn't last very long, watching them just heightened the sexual intensity of their sinful union. As she felt their two tongues working in unison to pleasure her she began to feel that familiar sensation building in her loins. They licked and they lapped and they sucked her cunt flesh and her clit. She heard Janice's cooing voice as she encouraged them, she could see through her half closed eyes Janice's fingers busy between her daughters legs.

Gracie thought to herself, Dear God, could there be anything in this life as wonderful as this moment, as the minutes and seconds shared in this bed with her little lovers? There couldn't be, she knew.

Now Janice had them switch, Jewell began sucking her mothers swollen clit and Lindy's small pink tongue licked and lapped her labia as Janice smiled. Oh god it was coming, she could feel it as she began lifting her hips to meet their sweet tongues. Gracie was close, "Mmmmm God yessss, oooohh yesss lovers, Mommy's close, so close. Lick me, aaaahhh yess Jewell, suck it baby, mmmm suck Mommy's clit. Oooohhh Lindy sweetie yesss, lick me, lick Mommy's cunt cream baby, drink it lover. Yesss Lindy yesss."

Janice's fingers played on as she watched her lover and her young daughters consumed by their passion and lust. The girls knew nothing but Gracie's cunt, they were moaning as the licked and sucked while Janice rubbed their little clits. Gracie gave another groan and arched her back again.

She was ready, ready for an eternity of incestuous love and passion with her little girls and her lover. She was ready for a lifetime of hot sex and cum filled nights with Jewell and Lindy. She groaned again and came, "OOOOOHHH GOD, OH GOD aaaahhh ahhhh yesss cumming, cumming!"

She was rocking now as Janice urged the girls to hold on, to keep licking and sucking as Gracie kept cumming. Gracie opened her eyes, her cum was crushing her, it was pounding her with wave after wave of contractions. Her incestuous lust felt like it was oozing from her pores.

Gracie cried, "Ah ah ah yesss yesss, making Mommy cummmm, aaahhh making me cummmm baby's, more, aahh more cumming good, yessss!" and she collapsed back on the bed.

Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath as Janice and the girls surrounded her. Lindy and Jewell were insistent, they wanted her mouth and her tongue, they wanted kiss after kiss. Gracie sharing her own juice with them as she sucked and licked it from their lips and tongues. Mmmm yes, so good, so very good, kisses like candy, sweet sweet candy. Their hugs were so tight, and then there was Janice.

Her mouth was as hungry as the girls, as insistent in its demands, they kissed and kissed as their passion slowly ebbed, the energy leaving their bodies. Until they lay, a tangled heap of warn naked bodies. Entwined with arms and legs, hot skin touching all over, their damp sensitive flesh temporarily sated. It was quiet now, just their breathing, their heartbeats.

Gracie was floating again, not in a warm bath but in a warm ocean of naked bodies. Her body, her lovers body, her little girls bodies, together. Gracie sighed, she knew it was just the start.

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