Morning Rush

by Emma the Minx

This story is an adaptation of one which I wrote for my girlfriend; she is the main character in the story. This version has some small changes to the original to protect her anonymity and make the age of the girl more appropriate for Leslita.

Dedicated to my girlfriend. My love. My inspiration.

Fuck! You curse aloud as you look at the clock and it shows that you are already 10 minutes late for work. This is not a morning where being a few minutes late will go unnoticed, you have an early morning meeting to brief your boss, and if you're not punctual today then you will be better off looking for a new job. For the last three months your team has been working on a tender for a contract so large that, if you win, it will keep you in business for the next four years. You must brief your boss before he has to present the tender to the board for approval. All this must be done prior to the tender being delivered before its 10 o'clock deadline. Pouring hot strong coffee into your Thermos mug the toaster pops and your not so nutritious breakfast is ready. In your haste to leave you grab at the pop tarts and burn a finger on the superheated jam that is now leaking from one of them. Fuck! You curse again as the scalding jam burns the tip of your finger. Sucking the burn into your mouth to remove the hot jam, you quickly hunt for some foil to wrap the pop tarts in. Finding the roll you tear some off and wrap your breakfast, then look back around the kitchen at the mess that you are about to leave. Fuck! Again you shout but right now you must go, an explanation to your girlfriend about all the mess will have to wait till later. Grabbing your coat, bag, coffee and pop tarts you run for the door and, pulling it closed behind you, sprint for the underground train.

The street outside looks busier than normal, everybody there appears intent on getting in your way as you weave around them with your Thermos mug in one hand and pop tarts in the other. At the station you reach the barrier and push your ticket through. Come on you shout at it, even though it takes only a couple of seconds for the gate to open. Taking the ticket you fly for the escalator and start making your way down, squeezing past people in your hurry to reach the bottom, but you can hear your train arriving below. Jumping the last four steps and spilling just a bit of coffee, thank goodness the mug has a lid, you reach the platform while your train is still there. Running for the nearest open door you leap inside, not caring who you have to push to make some space. Finally, out of breath, you give a huge sigh of relief; you've made it. You sip the coffee and take a bite from a pop tart, congratulating yourself on avoiding another self-inflicted disaster.

But the train does not leave immediately, remaining stationary with its doors still open you curse it for making you rush so unnecessarily. A teenage girl with shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair walks on to the platform from the escalator. She carries a small red rucksack but instead of having it on her back she cradles it in her arms almost as if she were clutching something very precious. After pausing for a second she walks to your carriage, steps inside, and takes the small amount of space next to you. She looks 14 or 15 years old and, judging by her clothes, she must be on her way to school. On her feet she wears simple black shoes with flat heels and knee length navy blue socks. Her skirt is also navy and down to her knees in length. She wears a simple white blouse with a plain collar, around which she has a tie with navy and grey diagonal stripes. The knot in the tie is neat and perfectly done, not like the huge knots preferred by so many teens. A navy blue v-neck jumper is partially covered by a navy blazer with a school badge on the breast pocket. In her ears she has very simple studs, one each side, and pressed into each ear is a little white iPod earphone. Inwardly you smile to yourself at the picture she creates in your mind; she must have navy knickers on too. With the doors still open a man tries to get in. He pushes the girl towards you, so far in fact that the red rucksack is now sandwiched between both of you. For a second you stare at the man for his rudeness but, on remembering that two minutes previously you did exactly the same thing, you quickly stop. The girl looks at you, as if to say that she is sorry, she has warm brown eyes and for a second they meet yours. The eye contact is noticed by both of you, she smiles then closes hers. Appearing lost in her music she keeps her eyes closed, her head swaying a little from side to side. You go back to your breakfast as, at last, the doors close and the train starts to move.

The overcrowded carriage shakes its way out of the station, the girl lets go of the rucksack with one of her hands and reaches into her blazer pocket to pull out an iPod Mini. She changes her selection then returns it to her pocket and closes her eyes again, the train swaying from side to side as it gains speed. Suddenly, without any warning, you feel somebodys fingers at the crotch of your trousers. Outraged you quickly look around, trying to find the culprit to punch them, but nobody is paying you any attention. Trapped some what, because your hands still hold your breakfast, you see the man next to you is holding a newspaper and next to him stands another man with his hands in his coat pockets. The man who pushed his way into the carriage has his arms folded, in addition to the fact that he is too far away. Your eyes fall back to the schoolgirl, of whom you can see just one of her hands; the other being hidden under her rucksack. And yet she is acting so calmly, eyes closed, listening to her music, lost in a world of her own. Suddenly aroused by how naughty this girl must be, and by how rude the situation is, you relax and drink some more coffee and pretend that nothing has happened. The hand searches for the zip of your trousers, which on finding it slowly lowers it down allowing access to inside. You gasp slightly as a warm little hand slips into your trousers and touches the lace front of your panties. Little fingers spread out and cup your crotch, holding the gusset of your panty for a moment, feeling the warmth of your body coming through. The fingers move slightly and apply small amounts of pressure to your labia, massaging them, pressing the panty gusset around your lips so that they are tightly encircled. Momentarily closing your eyes you revel in how naughty this is becoming as, her activity getting more pronounced, she takes her middle finger and uses it to slowly stroke along the cleft of your slit. Touching you only on upward strokes she bumps the tip of her finger onto your clitoris and brushes the little ring that sits in your piercing, little jolts spreading from it with each small touch. You feel yourself become very wet and aroused as a teenager molests you in public, feigning indifference to what she is doing you finish the pop tart and drink some more coffee, but suddenly have to bite your lip as you feel her finger go deeper between your legs and touch your panty covered ass.

The searching finger tries to press itself between your cheeks, but finds it cannot go any further when it is blocked by your panties. Seeking another way inside the finger moves to the edge of your panties and slowly strokes your bare skin, so softly that the tickle almost makes you laugh out loud. Suddenly the finger changes direction and slips inside your panties, making contact with your smooth and, by now, very wet pussy. The finger is joined by another one, then another, then another as the gusset is pushed aside. Four fingers are placed upon your baby smooth pussy and again she is stroking of your sex. Using her outer fingers she separates your labia, exposing your highly aroused clitoris, she pulls the lips upwards and away so that your clit is stretched out from its little hood. Moving just her middle finger again, she places its tip next to the little nub of your clit and traces her way around it. Finding that her finger is a bit dry she reaches down to the opening of your wet hole and lubricates the tip with your juices, before sliding it back up to your clit. But she doesn't touch the little nub directly, instead she circles her way around it again and again, never quite making direct contact, teasing you into a higher state of arousal. You want to reach down to her hand and push the tormenting finger onto the right spot, but moving your hand down to your crotch right now will attract attention. Your coffee mug is now empty but you place it to your lips and bite on its rim, using it to control your cries of pleasure. Again and again the finger circles the edge of your clit but still it doesn't touch it, making it the most exquisite tease. In frustration you shuffle your feet slightly to try and move her finger directly on to your clit, but she moves with you and denies you that pleasure. Without warning the finger is lifted away from you, half in anger and half in frustration you look down at the girl as if to say don't you stop now but still she has her eyes closed. However your frustration is short lived as you feel her fingers reach down to your opening and tease the soaking wet entrance to your body and then, at last, you are filled with ecstasy as she moves her thumb and presses it hard onto your clit. Unable to control your cries of joy you bight the coffee cup again as her thumb keeps stroking the little nub, at the same time as she eases one, then two of her small fingers into your body.

There is no tenderness in her fingers as they invade your hole, moving her hand up and down she slams her fingers into your cunt, the palm of her hand smacking your labia, her thumb still rubbing against your clit. Faster and faster her hand throws wave after wave of intoxicating pleasure through your body, spreading from your most intimate parts and causing you to shake and tremble. You lean forwards and press yourself into her bag, pushing yourself onto her hand as your knees find it hard to support you. Harder and harder she smacks her hand on your lips, fingers digging deeper into your hole and curving up to reach your g spot. Ten minutes ago you were panicking about getting to work on time, now all you fear is getting caught as a complete stranger, an under-age girl, finger fucks you in a public place.

The train lurches forward slightly as the driver applies the brakes and starts slowing down for the next station, people stand from their seats and get ready to alight. You look around as others near the doors move, panic starts to fill your mind, what if you have to move too? What if somebody catches you with an under-age girl with her hand in your trousers? Fearing being discovered, you attempt to step away from her but she moves very quickly and traps your clit ring between her little finger and thumb. Opening her eyes for a moment she admonishes you with a stare that says you are going nowhere. People push each other to get to the door and one man shoves you towards the girl as he barges his way past, allowing her fingers to penetrate you more deeply as you are forced closer together. You give a soft cry as her fingers climb higher inside you, but the man thinks he hurt you and apologies.

The doors close again and the train departs, but you hardly notice. Her hand is moving again and her fingers fuck you with a rapidity that makes you want to moan out loud in ecstasy. Slamming her fingers deep in and out of your hole, curving her finger around to caress your g spot, she returns her thumb to your clitoris and an involuntary whimper escapes from your mouth. Higher and higher she takes you, the feeling of your climax getting greater and greater, you open your eyes again to look at her but still she has her eyes closed, a small visible movement from her shoulder the only telltale of her indecent behaviour. The pressure on your clit from her thumb, combined with her finger on your g spot, make a huge overwhelming surge of ecstasy. Wave after wave floods through you as your orgasm takes hold, involuntary spasms making your cunt contract around her fingers. A sharp intake of breath causes the man stood next to you look up from his newspaper, again your teeth bite into the mug, so hard this time that it almost cracks but you don't care. You squeeze your thighs together and for a moment trap her hand, then, for just a second, she opens her eyes and looks at you. Raising her eyebrows slightly in an almost surprised manner she shrugs her shoulders as if to say so what? This young girl has, with wanton abandon, made you orgasm in public, in train full of people, and yet she looks as if she could not be more bored.

The train begins to slow as it approaches another station, and suddenly you realise that you will have to move, you open your thighs to release her hand and allow her to withdraw. Moving slightly so that your coat can cover your semi open trousers, the train stops and the doors open. The girl turns her back to you and is the first to step out, followed by many others as they push their way past. You look up the platform trying to follow where she is going, but almost immediately she is lost in the crowd. Who is this girl? The doors of the train close and the crowded platform starts to clear. The train jerks as it begins to pull out of the station and you spot her again. Stood with her back to the wall she is looking up at the notice board to see the time of the next train. Her middle finger is lodged in her mouth and she is sucking it slowly, savouring the taste of something that has been there.

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