Forbidden Photos, Part Four — Arina Visits Masha

by Anastas

This chapter follows directly on from the events in Chapter Two, but references the revelations from Chapter Three.

This series is my first attempt at writing fiction (of any kind). Id love to hear more from people about what they think of it. The comments so far have been lovely. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and let me know how much they enjoyed my story.


Monday, April 10th

My dearest Peggy,

I have something absolutely wonderful to tell you: Last week a woman named Masha rang me up to arrange a nude photo session for her eight-year-old daughter. Thats right. It couldnt get any better, could it? The session was only yesterday and Im so excited that I simply had to write and tell you about it. By the time you get this letter Ill very likely have even more delights to tell you, as this intriguing mother-daughter pair have requested another session with me next week, this time with the addition of another eight-year-old girl called Katya, and I also have a curious date with Masha at her house in a few days. This is all so very mysterious and sudden, I dont really know what is going on.

This young girl, Lena Kropotska, is the most incredible girl Ive ever photographed. Her manner and confidence were astounding. Ive never known a girl who had such grace and innocence mixed with a keen knowingness of her erotic nature. She presented that part of herself so earnestly to the camera. Let me put it like this: She wanted close-ups of her cunt. Yes, really. I was so awestruck by her that I allowed myself to follow her lead all during the session. She was telling me what to do the whole time. I loved it. It was perfect. We got so many wonderful pictures. Ive already developed them all. I stayed up all last night making sure they were all done perfectly. Im already feeling like this is my best work. Just you wait, some day Ill be able to show them to the world. Theyll all wake up eventually and realise that they were wrong. Philistines!

The most amazing thing that happened was that Lena masturbated for me. Im serious. She really did. With no suggestion or prompting from me whatsoever, she quite casually said that she wanted a photo of herself as she masturbated and specifically requested a close up photo of her face when she orgasmed! And what an orgasm she had! It was sublime. She really knew what she was doing. Naturally, I am hopelessly in love with Lena and during the entire session I wanted to have her so badly, but I behaved myself. It was hard though. She was magnificent. Her little girl smell lingered in the air all day. I slept in the studio bed that night and as I imagined myself tasting her loveliness I had one of the most powerful orgasms I can remember, right in the spot where she came. It was so intense it lasted for more than ten minutes. Lenas lovely juices were still moist on the sheets and I laid on the bed with my cunt right on the spot where it had flowed out of her perfect little pussy. (Am I making you wet yet, Peg?)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Masha, Lenas mother, didnt stay with us for the shoot. This woman left her eight-year-old daughter alone with me for nearly three hours. Can you believe that? Lena told me that her mother was a fan of my work but I still found that incredible. This is just one of the many questions I hope to have answered when I visit Masha this week to give her the photos from the session. I know, Im delivering a customers photos to their house in person, but in the circumstances I think you can see why Im so keen to do that.

But far and away the most beautiful thing of all is that Lena wanted the photos of herself so she could give them to her girlfriend Katya. I havent met her yet, but Lena told me that she and Katya were in love with each other, getting married and going to live together forever and have a baby daughter. You can imagine how I felt when I heard that. In fact, that started to make me feel a bit guilty about wanting Lena so badly. I mean If she has a little lover of her own, then who am I to interfere in their relationship? It made me think about my desires in a new way. As Ive told you many times and no doubt I will keep telling you this, just to keep my sanity, I could never do anything with a little girl that she did not want to do. I am not going to try and make these girls do anything they dont want to. But if they want to, well then Of course in my mind weve already done so much together.

There is so much more to tell you about all this, but Ill wait until after next week when I know more myself about what is going on. Im so frazzled and jittery with the excitement. I cannot wait to meet Katya. If I could have pictures of both these girls together then I think I could die happy. Ill write again next week, I promise.

Love always, Arina



Masha Kropotska lived in a beautiful old house just outside of town. Lush greenery surrounded the property and completely hid it from view, so if you didnt spot the turnoff from the road, youd never know there was a house there. The back of the property looked onto a thick pine forest. It was a divine place, full of warmth and life, despite the cold.

Hello Ms. Movosh. Come in please. Masha answered the door and gave me that same mischievous look she gave me at the studio and then led me through the house into her lounge room. The interior was luxurious. Ornate decorations, antiques, collectables, paintings and photographs covered every available surface. It was like my dreams of a perfect art collectors house. It was soothing, comforting and relaxing in every way and I felt at home immediately. There didnt seem to be anyone else at home.

Is Lena at school? I asked, as we walked through a long passage lined with enormous portrait paintings.

Yes. But afterwards shes going to juggling practice with Katya so she wont be home until after six.

Masha and I sat down on a plush couch opposite a large fireplace, in which a soothing fire blazed away. Masha put her legs up onto the couch and held her hands over her shins. Looking at her like that I was struck again at how beautiful she was. There was so much of her in Lena. They had the same dark red hair and pixie-like face and each had the same cute bud of a nose. Like her daughter, Masha was strong, lean and athletic, and she had a tight, hard body obviously sculpted by years of rigorous training. Her body had born childbirth and subsequently raising two children exceedingly well. Masha wore her very long hair in a long single plait. I felt a sweet twitch inside as I looked at her, as I had a sense of recognition in this woman, seeing that she was darling little Lenas mother. It made me feel more attracted to her, knowing that she had given birth to sweet, wonderful Lena.

Once we had settled and before Masha could even offer me anything to drink, I blurted out one of my foolish questions.

Masha, why did you leave your daughter alone with me during the session?

I was late for my practice. I had to be at the gym. Were all circus performers in this family. Didnt Lena tell you? Lena might have mentioned something about that but I think I was too distracted at the time. Regardless, I wasnt buying that for a second. Couldnt she have put off practice for three hours on a Sunday?

Thats not really answering my question. I never let parents leave their children alone like that in my studio. You dont know me. Why did you leave her there with a stranger? Thats very unorthodox. It felt odd and supremely hypocritical to be castigating her for doing something that I was eternally grateful for. Im so used to maintaining the right attitude in such situations.

Youre not a stranger, Arina. I feel like I know you so well. Ever since I saw your first exhibition Ive followed your work very closely. I know you have to tone down your pictures when you exhibit them, but I can tell what your true desires are. I know all about you. Masha said this in a very sexy voice and gave me an undisguised look of pure lust, making me stumble over my next sentence.

Well, I dont knowwhatum Masha stepped in with a carefully distracting question.

Can I get you something to drink? How about a cup of tea?

Yes please. Masha got up and went to the kitchen, allowing me a moment to compose myself.

Think about it Arina. Why did you come here? Arent you following your instincts? Arent you desperately curious to know whats going on? Remember whats already happened with Lena. You dont have to keep putting up this act. Ooh, this was so exciting. Masha is clearly a total paedophile and she can see that I am too. So you can relax. But I couldnt, because now I was getting turned on by Masha and her total dominance of this situation. I am naturally more passive in these situations. I love it. Thats another reason why the session with Lena was so thrilling for me. It partially fulfilled what I thought would always be an impossible fantasy: to be sexually dominated by a little girl. I really wanted a little girl to order me sternly to lick her pussy and for her to fist me.

Masha came back with the tea and sat down. I decided to bring up Lenas virtuoso display of self-pleasuring.

Do you know what your daughter did while she was at my studio?

She told me she masturbated for you. But she didnt do anything else apart from posing for the photos she wanted to give to Katya. I was actually surprised that the two of you didnt have sex. I thought thats what Lena wanted to do. Well thats what she told me. I nearly choked on my tea. Masha was clearly enjoying seeing my look of shock mixed with arousal and she continued.

Lena probably didnt feel like it was right yet. I asked her about it and she said, Maybe next time. She can be like that sometimes with someone new. Youre an adult and she wants to get to know adults a little better and hang around with them for a little while first before she has sex with them, even if she really likes that person. She doesnt hesitate with girls her own age though. I encourage that she be careful with adults of course, even though I vouched for you. I told Lena that shed be completely safe with you, but I guess she didnt feel like doing anything else. Did you?


Did you want to fuck my daughter, Arina?

WellI, I, I meanum Still stammering. Whats easiest in these situations? Try the truth.


Yes what? Masha stared right at me.

Yes, I wanted to fuck your daughter. Masha smiled devilishly.

Good. Im glad weve got that out of the way. Satisfaction broke out all over Mashas face.

Lena said that you couldnt take your eyes off her the whole time she was there and that it was funny watching you trying to pretend like you werent staring at her. She loved that. Shes such a tease. She still does that to me sometimes. When we have our little photo sessions she sometimes turns on her real sexy look and shell flip up her dress and show off her cunt to me just for a second. That makes me so crazy. I want to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there on the floor. I want to dive straight in and eat her little cunt and stick my fingers in her arse.

Rather than pretend to be shocked or baffled at any of this anymore, I lapped it up. Hearing this woman talk so candidly and aggressively about wanting to fuck her own daughter made me so incredibly wet. If Masha kept talking like this I dont know that Id be able to control myself. She obviously knew how excited it made me to hear things like this. It was probably part of her plan, and since I love the passive role, Ill let her continue to lead me on.

Lena told me that you used to masturbate her when she was little. She told me about a fairy tale you used to tell her, about a fairy who gave little girls a flower they could rub to make themselves feel better.

Oh, The Little Cunt Fairy. Yes, she loved that. Well, she still does. Telling her stories like that was part of how I introduced her to masturbation, to give it a context she could appreciate. She took to it very quickly and from when she was three she wanted me to do it for her every night. Even though she could do it herself she still wanted mummy to do it. When Lena was a baby, I used to lick her and rub her cunt all the time. And I would do things like gently rub her whole body over my clit to make me orgasm, but she wouldnt be able to remember that specifically.

You licked her cunt when she was a baby? I was genuinely shocked, and of course utterly aroused at the same time. It honestly had never entered my head that such a thing could happen. The way Masha said it though, made it sound so loving and natural, like it was something that any mother would do. Not mine. No loving licks from my mother. I dont even remember getting any hugs past age three. So much that I missed out on.

Well of course I licked her when she was a baby. How could I not? She was my darling, my sweet girl. I loved her in every way. I rubbed her to sleep every night and I licked her pussy several times a day. What matters now is that what she remembers and what she has internalised right from her birth is that it feels good and right to touch herself and to give herself pleasure and that she knows her own desires and will never be misled by anyone. Thats what was important. I made sure my daughter would never be baffled by an experience between her legs. Masha dropped her sexy look and tone of voice as she said this, letting me know this was part of her serious opinion on child rearing and development.

I even managed to have her suckle on my clit when she was only six months old. Did you know you could do that?

No. Id never heard of such a practice. I wished I could try it now though. Its amazing discovering desires you never knew you had until you hear about them for the first time. Ive never heard of that. But now that I have, I want to do it. Masha was going to be an excellent excavator, diligently uncovering many of my hitherto undiscovered desires.

The shape and size of my clit is close enough to my nipples and I got her to suck on it like she was nursing. I didnt do that too many times though because I shake and jerk too much when I orgasm and it was hard to stay still enough with her mouth on my clit. When I wanted to get off with her I mostly masturbated myself with one hand while I rubbed her with the other or I rubbed her body back and forth over my clit. That was better That was fucking unbelievable, actually. Even though Lena and I still fuck each other now, the feel of her tiny infant body sliding over my cunt was so perfect and so pure. Do you think theres something wrong with that? Do you think Im sick for doing that to my baby girl?

I was so caught up in her fervent confessions that I was completely thrown by this sudden admission of uncertainty and I was quite unprepared to respond. Masha had shown nothing but decadent confidence up to this point. I dont know. Lena doesnt seem like she feels scarred by that experience. Such a pointless thing to say. How would I know? Id only met Lena for three hours, but I foolishly thought I had to say something.

No. I know she isnt. She loved it. She cooed and giggled more when I licked her than when I did anything else. I always talked soothingly and reassuringly to her and smiled and laughed when I was rubbing her against me, so she came to see it as a fun and safe game. Shes got no problems. I just meant maybe I do. I was so happy when I gave birth to another girl because I knew I would have another chance to feel a baby girls body rubbing on me and that I could lick her beautiful tiny cunt and rub her like Id done with Lena when she was a baby. Did Lena tell you about Ovela? Her little sister? Sensing a convenient exit away from Mashas momentary self-doubt, we quickly moved on to talk about Lenas little sister.

Lena mentioned something to me about her little sister, but, typically forgetful me, I didnt ask her anything else about her.

Ovela is my other daughter. Shes four. Shes asleep in her room right now. Shell probably wake up soon. Another daughter. And only four years old. I cant wait to meet her. I started daydreaming about little girl orgies with Lena, Katya and Ovela. My head filled with heavenly visions of a triangle of tangled little limbs flaying about as the three girls sucked and licked and rubbed each other. Then Masha brought me back down to earth.

Can I see the photos from Sunday?

Of course. Thats ostensibly the main reason I was here. I was so caught up in this conversation I had completely forgotten about the folio sitting on my lap. Calm down, therell be plenty of time to talk. Besides, I really wanted to know what Masha thought of my photos of Lena.

I hope you like them.

Well, theyre not for me. These photos are a present for Katya. I handed the folder to Masha and she started looking through them. Oh Arina. These are perfect. You really have the eye, much more than most people. She looked for a good while at each image, drinking in the image of the supreme perfection of her own flesh and blood with a look of dreamy bliss on her face. She got to one photo and loudly gasped. Masha looked stunned and almost in shock. She put her hand to her mouth and she started to cry.

What is it? Whats wrong? Her look of shock morphed into one of absolute joy. She handed me the photo that had sparked this intense reaction. It was the picture of Lena at the height of her orgasm. Masha composed herself and offered an impromptu deconstruction of the image.

That is the truest, most perfect image of beauty I have ever seen. Doesnt that make you feel so alive just seeing that? To see such a young girl give herself such intense happiness? And that shes doing it as part of a gift for her lover? Seeing my little girl feeling so alive and happy, knowing that she can give herself such perfect pleasure, makes me feel so much better. When I think about a photograph being a moment frozen in time, I think, there are so many moments that I would love to have preserved and if I had to show one image to people, to let them see how wonderful they can be, I would show them this photo. Oh look, Im rambling. I must sound like an idiot to you.

No. Thats very insightful. Lena told me you like photography too.

Were amateurs. I inherited all the equipment from my father. We have a darkroom set up so we can develop our own prints. Luckily, as I wouldnt bet much on our chances if we took our pictures to a shop to be developed. Too true. Even nude pictures that arent trying to be sexy, unlike the ones Id taken of Lena, can still be viewed by moralistic morons as questionable. More insanity. But I wasnt going to let that bring me down today. I needed more information from Masha.

Has Lena always been such an exhibitionist?

Always. Shed happily spend her whole life nude if she could. Winters here have made it difficult, but in summer we spend most of our time naked. We join the naturist resorts and spend a lot of time there. But away from that Lena has always been a little show off and a total sex maniac. When she and Katya get together, which is pretty much all the time, they cant keep their hands off each other. Oh, I have to tell you about when Lena first met Katya. This is so wonderfulbut, oh Im an idiot. You havent met Katya yet, have you?


Shes so sweet. When you meet her you might think shes a shy girl, but shes not at all. Shes deceptive. Shes soft spoken and quiet, but really full of amazing energy. Shes really smart too. And I mean shes genius-smart. A prodigy. Shes going to do the most amazing things in her life. I just know it. Do you want to see a picture of her?

Absolutely. All this talk about this girl and I dont even know what she looks like.

Wait here for a minute. Masha stood up and walked out of the room. I sat by the fire and waited. My head was still swimming with a mixture of relief and excitement. I couldnt believe my luck at having been invited into this amazing family. Masha returned brandishing a framed photograph.

This was taken last year. Its not as good as your photos, but

No, no. Im sure its I was hypnotized again. fine.

In the photo Lena was on the right, totally nude and with the same cute long pigtails that made me gush whenever I saw them, and she was holding in a very firm embrace a slightly shorter girl, also fully nude, who had extremely long dark hair and a face so beautiful I nearly cried. Honestly. This is Katya? Oh my god. Lena wasnt exaggerating when she said, shes prettier than me. Not to take anything away from Lena of course, but Katya had been born with that specific genetic combination that enabled her to wield the awesome power of cuteness with more supremacy than any girl Id yet seen.

The exposure was a little dark, whoever took it could perhaps have opened the aperture a little more, but the subjects were in focus and in perfect composition. Lena and Katya, completely nude, surrounded by a serene blue sky, pressing their wonderful bodies together, their arms around each other, their faces almost touching, eyes closed, their mouths slightly open as if they are about to kiss. A sublime depiction of the most perfect and innocent love. It was the kind of image I dreamed about making.

Did you take this?

Yes. I have lots of pictures of those two. Katya sleeps over here almost every second night so I have plenty of opportunities to take photos of them together.

This is incredible. Do you have anymore? Masha went to fetch more and returned with an album of similar breathtaking images, which I spent a long time poring over while Masha simply sat and stared at me. Shutting the cover finally, I was nearing exhaustion at trying to hide my arousal, though why I was trying to hide it eluded me. I was determined not to let any details slip past my scattershot mind this time.

You were going to tell me about how Lena and Katya first met?

Oh yes, of course. I met Katya through her mother, Anya. I met Anya a little over three years ago when she joined our circus. Anya is like you and I, shes a total girl-lover. When we met, we both knew that we had the same intense desires for our daughters. It felt wonderful to meet another woman who felt like I did, and Anya felt the same way. We were so relieved to have found each other. Anya is our choreographer. Shes into all that Cirque Du Soleil stuff. That stuff is really big and were inevitably going in that direction. We might even get to join them one day when Lena and Katya perfect their act. In a few years, when the girls are old enough, Im going to send off their audition tape.

What do Lena and Katya do? What is their act?

They do solo and team juggling, with acrobatic moves. Its quite an act. Ill show it to you some time. Id show you right now but their practice tapes are all at Katyas at the moment. Theyre absolutely amazing though. Lena wanted to be in the circus and to be a juggler ever since she was three. She loves it. I didnt push her into it. Im not one of those evil stage mothers. If she practices eight hours a day some days, its not because Im forcing her to do it. She wants to be really good and the only way you get to be that good is to practice, a lot.

Anyway, Anya has two daughters, Katya and Sasha. Sasha was only six months at that time. Anya brought her two girls over here to introduce them to all of us. As soon as Katya walks in the door, Lena walks right up to her and pulls up her dress and shows Katya her cunt. Lena had no underwear on, she never wears any in summer. That was Lenas way of greeting people then, she used to do that to everyone. But then Katya, without saying a word, does exactly the same thing. She pulls up her little dress, pulls her underpants all the way down and pushes her hips out, giving Lena a good look at her wonderful tiny pussy. I think thats a really beautiful way for little girls to greet each other. I wish that happened more often. Anya and I both looked at our girls standing there staring at each others papochkas and we both knew there was already something going on between them. You can laugh at me if you want but I could tell that Lena fell completely in love with Katya right away. Some people would scoff at the idea of a child so young feeling that kind of love, but I know it can happen. No one ever takes childrens love of other children seriously enough. Masha started to get a little teary and she halted for a moment and closed her eyes. She looked wistful, like she was yearning for something. A few seconds later she opened her eyes, composed herself and resumed her tale.

But, that was how they met. They spent the rest of that day together, playing games and running around like crazy. Anya and I sat and watched them and we talked about how much we loved our beautiful daughters and how much we loved to fuck them. Anya told me she was already rubbing little Sashas cunt. She showed me, right there. She took Sasha out of her basket and put her on a blanket, spread her legs and started rubbing her, and then Anya invited me to taste her. She was so small and beautiful. The way she cooed was so sweet. It was the most beautiful sound. Lena and Katya were off playing outside so Anya and I spent a long time taking turns licking our baby daughters.

Ovela was fourteen months old then and because Id established licking and rubbing my girls pussies into a daily routine as much as breastfeeding, she naturally expected mummy to do it every day. She even had tantrums sometimes when I didnt. Because sometimes after work I really just wanted to come home and go straight to sleep. Can you imagine coming home and being so exhausted that you really dont feel like you could spend half an hour sliding your tongue over your infant daughters pussy before she goes to sleep? Some days thats how I felt. And dont forget I had to do it to Lena as well. When it started to feel like a chore, thats when I knew I was doing it too much. I gradually eased them off mummys tongue and hands and encouraged them more and more to touch themselves. I still loved licking them both, but, as I said, I wanted for them to be able to look after themselves and to give themselves pleasure.

When Anya and her girls left at the end of that first day all Lena talked about that night was when can we see Katya again? A week later Anya and I arranged for the six of us to go on a picnic at the lake near here. We arrive separately, Anya and her girls are already there, and when we get there, Lena jumps out of the car and runs to see Katya. She does the same thing as before, lifts her dress to show off her cunt, and so does Katya. They both stand there holding their dresses up and staring. They seem mesmerised by each other. Lena lets go of her dress and bends down to have a closer look at Katya and asks her if she can touch her and Katya says yes, so Lena starts gently rubbing Katyas cunt. Katya starts giggling. She says it feels ticklish. Lena asks her if she can see what it tastes like and Katya says yes and Lena sticks her tongue out and gives her a quick little lick and Katya shrinks back and laughs. Lena laughs too and then — you know what kids are like — now Katya wants to know what Lena tastes like.

So Lena strips off her dress so shes completely naked and she lies down on a towel and spreads her legs open for Katya. And Katya is even more mesmerised than before. She just cant take her eyes off Lena. Neither could I. Anya and I were speechless watching all this. There we are both sitting down on a blanket by the lakeshore nursing our babies and were both already sopping wet from our baby girls sweet suckling, and we look over and see Katya kneeling down, about to put her mouth on Lenas pussy.

So Katya puts her head between Lenas legs and slowly licks her. Lena starts making these noises she makes whenever she touches herself or whenever I do it for her, a light high-pitched breathy squeal, but this time its more intense and louder. Katya is lapping away at her like a little thirsty kitten. Shes unbelievably cute. Watching her lick my daughter like that, I so badly wanted her to do that to me, to lick my cunt while she looks up at me with those impossibly gorgeous big eyes. Masha was really starting to squirm on the couch as she told me all this. She was as wet as I was. Our lusty scents were pouring out and mingling in the warm air around the fire.

Lena looks down at Katya and smiles at her. They both cant stop giggling the whole time this is going on. But Lena wants to do something else now. She reaches down and pulls Katyas head up and moves in to tell her something. I couldnt hear what she said, as she whispered and we were too far away, but Katya takes off her dress so now shes naked and Lena lies back down and Katya moves on top of her and intertwines her legs with Lenas and they start rubbing their cunts together! Theyre tribbing each other. Sliding back and forth, over and over, their two tiny hairless pussies rubbing together. It was magical to watch. Lena wraps her legs around Katyas waist, Katya pulls on Lenas left leg so she can push harder into Lena. I almost had an orgasm just watching them. I hadnt explained any of that to Lena, I hadnt told her what tribadism was. She must have just thought of it on her own. Katya, rub your papotchka on mine. Something like that. I was so proud of her though. I never did that until I was fifteen.

So Lena & Katya are rubbing like crazy. They do this for a couple of minutes. Theres no one around to tell them to stop. I certainly wasnt going to interfere. Their tiny bodies are pressed hard against each other and theyre thrusting back and forth, building themselves up into a hyper state of excitement. Lena is squealing even louder now, while I cant even hear Katya. I can see that shes softly moaning, but Lena is drowning her out. Partly I think they may have both been emulating their mothers, because I moan quite loudly and Anya is much softer, and at that time each of the girls had already given their mother plenty of orgasms, so they were probably doing what all girls do and just copying what mummy does. But, as I said about the tribbing, theyll always invent their own games without an adult around to tell them what to do. And this was a perfect combination. Oh I couldnt have been happier.

So what happened next? Dont you dare stop there Masha.

Oh. Sorry. I was drifting. You were cumming you mean. Ill wait one more minute, then Im going to have to start masturbating right here on the couch in front of you.

They start slowing down their thrusts and Lena reaches her hands up and pulls Katya down closer to her and she kisses her. A deep kiss, nice and long. Then they break apart and I can see a glint of light bouncing off both their crotches as their sweet juices catch the sunlight. I wanted to rush over and taste their cunts and drink their little girl cum when I saw that. Then Lena whispers to Katya again. Shes doing this deliberately so neither I nor Anya can hear her. Were still both sitting there watching, waiting to see what our little five year old girls do next. I can see Katya looks a bit surprised at what Lena has said to her, but Katya gets down on her stomach and Lena crawls over her and puts her groin on Katyas bottom and starts to thrust herself into Katyas bottom, thrusting in and out, like shes fucking her in the arse. She saw her uncle being fucked by his boyfriend once, so I guess thats where she got that from. Katya starts laughing, making a real innocent, playful little girl laugh. She thinks its hilarious. Lena just loves that Katya is laughing and that shes making her happy. Lenas main purpose in her life from that moment on has been to make Katya happy. Shed do anything for her.

That was enough for me. I couldnt take any more. I reached down and slid my hands into my underwear and started rubbing my clit hard. Masha didnt take her eyes away from mine and kept talking while I masturbated.

Another time when Katya was staying here, about two years ago, I looked into Lenas bedroom and the girls were in there nude and lying on Lenas bed and Lena and Katya had Ovela on the pillow with her legs spread apart and they were both licking her pussy at the same time. Ovela was laughing and giggling wildly, like she was being tickled as her big sister and Katya simultaneously lapped at her puny mound. That was too beautiful a moment to let pass. I ran and grabbed the camera and came back in and asked the girls to pose with their tongues touching Ovelas cunt. I try not to take too many photos of our sex games but sometimes I have to. Theyre too wonderful to let them go unrecorded. After I took the photo I asked the girls if I could stay and watch them. They didnt mind. Then Lena, never short of ideas for sex games, sat up, picked Ovela up and said to Katya, Lets rub her together. Which meant Lena and Katya pressing their bodies together with Ovela in between them.

I was nearly there, I had my fingers thrusting inside me nowfeels so close

Another time when Lena was still fiveyoull love thisI thought that since Lena had thought of tribadism all on her own, I could show her how to do it with mummy, and while I was at it, Id show Ovela too. We all sat on my bed and I lay down and asked Lena to lie on top of my cunt like Katya had done to her at the lake. Lena climbed on top of me and moved into position. Then I asked her to pick up Ovela and to hold her in front of her, so I could have them both rubbing on my cunt at once. I thrust upward so roughly I nearly knocked them right off! But they both laughed and Lena said, Again! Do it again! It was like a horsey ride. Lena loved it. She was pushing her crotch into Ovelas bottom and down on my cunt at the same time. She came quicker than I did.

Im so proud that my daughter is a little lesbian fuck machine. She always has her mouth buried in another little girls crotch. She and Katya have nearly gone through all the girls in their class. Katyas birthday party last year was insane. Twelve seven year old girls all sitting around in a circle, totally naked, all frantically rubbing their smooth cunts. Whoever makes themselves come first has to then lick all the other girls. That was hilarious, as all the girls started moaning in a really exaggerated way, pretending they were all having an orgasm. Lena genuinely did orgasm first, of course, and then all the other girls lay down and spread their legs and Lena went around and licked everyone. I was so wet watching this, but I couldnt join in. These were all games for the girls only. Another one was that game where they all lie down in a row and the one at the end starts rolling on top of everyone else until they get to the end and then the next person starts rolling on everyone, except this time its all these girls doing it naked. What a wonderful day.

It was so much fun watching those perfect young bodies jumping and bouncing around. It was a sea of smooth soft skin writhing around, not like adults having an orgy, but children innocently playing and exploring each others bodies. They were all fascinated by each other and wanted to see what they all looked likeand what they tasted like. Another one of Lenas party games was a daisy chain. Every girl lying down in a circle, licking the girl in front of her.

Some of these stories might have been stretching the truth, but I wasnt in a very skeptical frame of mind at the time. I rammed my fingers harder and harder into my cunt and thrust my head back and pulled on the armrest with my free hand, lifting my bottom off the couch and into the air. I let out my distinctive staccato shrieks as my body became rigid and my crescendo peaked and peaked. I thought I wasnt going to stop. It was continuous. I dont know how long I lasted, but Masha had stopped talking and simply sat and watched me orgasm. She hadnt moved the whole time. I wondered whether she would make a move on me, but she just sat there.

Coming down, I lay quivering on the couch, panting, breathless and delirious, eyes closed and mouth open. Finally Masha spoke again.

Would you like to play a game with Ovela when she wakes up?


to be continued.

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