HP-6513 The Widow's Hot Family by William Taylor Chapter 3 Danny was showing his sister how to wrap her fingers around his cock when he heard their mother calling him. Mary quickly dropped his fat prick from her trembling fingers and looked guiltily toward the house. "Shit!," Danny muttered, forcing his throbbing prick back inside his jeans and zipping them. "I'll be right back." Halfway to the back door, he froze. His jaw dropped. "Oh, Jeez!" he muttered. His sexy mother was kneeling on the kitchen floor, and from where he stood, he could see half of her bare ass, and a lot of thick, brown curls squeezing out between her plump upper thighs! This was even better than his peeping, because now he could use both eyes, and get a hell of a lot closer. Jane went through the motions of scrubbing the already-clean floor. Her face was flaming, for she'd heard Danny's approach. When he stopped, she knew he was looking at her hairy cunt. Oh, God, it was awful! Danny believed that his mother was unaware of her lewdly displayed cunt. He dropped down and inched up to the screen door on his hands and knees. If he was lucky, maybe he could get close enough to see everything before standing and letting her know he was there. Jane heard the door as it slowly opened, and she knew that Danny thought he was getting away with peeking at her. She couldn't help wondering what he thought of her round ass and up-turned cunt. Danny's face was only a couple of feet away from his mother's beautiful ass, now, and he was looking under her short skirts, studying the plump, curl-covered snatch sticking out beneath her milk-white, shaking buns. His breath caught in his throat as her cheeks rippled with the movement of her scrubbing arm. He had to get closer! He had to see more! Jane felt Danny's hand close over one heavy tit. "You're getting horny, too, aren't you?" he asked. "From watching, I mean." "Ohhhh," Jane moaned, ashamed by her perverse reaction to her little girl's defilement. Her massive tit shook under her son's eager handling. She felt his cock, hot and hard, sliding across her hip. "I-I can't help it!" she wailed, reaching down and grabbing his cock. "I'm so hot, it hurts!" When Danny felt his mother's finger's on his cock, he knew it was all right to fuck her again. She wanted it, she wanted him to stuff her hairy cunt with his cock, even if there was an audience! He crawled over her, his head above her heavily rocking tits. He grabbed her behind the knees and threw her legs up over her head. He looked down between their bodies at her wide, upturned ass. Her hairy, pouting cunt looked hot and inviting. Below it, her wet, pink asshole winked at him. Danny stared at it for a moment, then put his finger on it. "Ahhhh, noooo," Jane moaned shamefully as she felt her son's fingertip circling the smooth pucker. When he began to push lightly at the indented center, she squirmed her hips and trembled. "Ahh, oh, Danny!" she gasped. "You're not going to do that, are you? Oh, no, that's dirty!" And as she wailed the last word, her son plunged his finger through her shrinking anus. "AHHHH!" Jane's breath screeched out as her tight pink ring was stretched apart by his thick finger. "Ohh, jeez, hot ass!" Danny cried. "What a hot ass!" "Uhhhhhh!" Jane gasped as Danny ran his long finger in and out of her tightly squeezing rear hole. She had never felt so embarrassed. Her cunt was sexy, attractive, and she didn't really mind him seeing it, or fingering and licking it. But her asshole was something that was dirty, forbidden, and her face burned as she realized he was studying her impaled bottom hole. What was worse, Mary and that man might be watching as Danny goosed her! Little tremors flowed across Jane's spread asscheeks. She felt a tremendous heat in her loins. Her son's pumping finger was making her whole cunt throb, and she knew the long clit was throbbing stiffly at the top of her gaping cunt. She couldn't help panting with sheer pleasure. Danny's finger was slippery as it worked in his mother's hot, gripping asshole. He watched her cheeks tremble each time he thrust. He began to think about shoving something else up her ass. Something a lot bigger than his finger! He pulled the finger out and placed a second next to it, then worked the two of them inside while Jane moaned. "Gotta open you up," he mumbled, circling his fingers, spreading them apart like scissors and stretching the sensitive ring. He'd never felt anything sexier than his mother's hot, elastic asshole clinging to his knuckles on the outstroke and then rolling back inside as he pushed through the pucker again. "Unh, uhhh," Jane groaned, involuntarily weaving her hips as the pain diminished and the pleasure mounted. Having Danny's fingers scraping the hot, wet walls of her asshole was stoking her fire like nothing ever had! Incredibly strong spasms of pleasure rippled through the thin tissue separating her asshole from her pussy, and she couldn't help contracting her sphincter. "Aghhhhhh!" she wailed, her upper body thrashing, making her large tits jiggle. Danny slowly pulled his fingers from her sucking asshole. She felt him place the hot, bulbous tip of his cock on her distended, greasy pink ring. "Ohhh, noooo!" she wailed, tensing as he pushed forward. Jane screamed with horror and shame as her son's cock pushed against her muscular sphincter. "DON'T! AGHHH!" Danny's weight was behind his stiff prick, and he felt the head squeezing through her hot, narrow bung. "Ohhh, Jeez!" he panted. The tight lips of her asshole were giving him terrific friction, and a bit of pain, but he knew that her soft, wet, delicate tissues were expanding for him. Slowly, the knob of his cock popped past her sphincter. He felt it rhythmically clamping around the neck of his cock. "Wuhhhh. Huhhhh," Jane panted with mingled pain and joy. Her clit had never felt so heavy and swollen, but her poor asshole! It felt like he'd shoved an apple up there! Now that the largest part was in, Danny was eager to let the rest of his cock soak in her boiling bowels. He pushed steadily forward, driving it into his mother's asshole until his balls rubbed her sore ring. Jane gasped and then sighed loudly as that big bulb was shoved all the way into her ass. It throbbed against her clasping tunnel walls, and she couldn't help moaning with the pleasure of his intruding bulk. She knew she was acting depraved, but she couldn't help it. Danny fucked her ass fast. Juice dribbled down from her cunt and greased his cock as he zipped through her stretched shit-lips, and her body rocked with the force of his buggering. Her huge tits jumped and bounced. "Owwww, yessss!" Jane hissed ecstatically. Her face was twisted with pleasure. "You like it?" Danny asked. "You like getting fucked in the ass?" "Uhh, uhh, Oh, Danny! I'm awful! I can't help it! I-I can feel your cock in me! It's all the way in!" Jane began writhing with the start of her orgasm as Danny lifted and dropped his hips like a pile-driver. He crammed her shuddering ass to the hilt each time, and her eyes opened wide with surprise. She couldn't believe she could cum so hard from having a big prick sliding in and out of her tight asshole. Danny bent his head and watched his greasy, shiny cock appearing and disappearing as his mother's ass swallowed it. He heard her loud cries of pleasure and felt her ass grip and milk him as he pumped and grinned happily. He'd made her cum again! And from an ass-fuck! Her virgin asshole was so hot, so tight, and was nibbling him so nicely as she came, that he knew he couldn't keep pumping for long. Her rippling shit-sheath was working on the entire length of his cock! He felt his nuts draw up, felt the swollen bulb of his cock begin to tingle and burn. Just as he was about to explode, Jane blasted off again. "WEEEEOOOOWWW!" she wailed as her son stroked her bung raw. Her ass clamped down tighter than ever, her cunt squeezed sympathetically, drooling out gobs of juice, and her straining clit stabbed the air in search of something to rub against. "Awww, jeez!" Danny cried. "I'm cumminggg!" He shoved his fat cock to the hilt in her gripping shit-hole and relaxed his muscles. Jets of hot cum spewed from the tip of his burning prick, flooding his mother's rippling asshole to overflowing. His cock jumped again and again. In the dazed blur of his orgasm, he heard his mother grunting and panting with pleasure. "Ohhh, yesss!" she whined. "Hose out my asshole, fuck it ... oh, shit, fuck, huhhh!" Danny's breath wheezed out and he rolled off, pulling his limp prick from her hole with a wet slurp. A river of thick, hot white jism bubbled out of the slack hole. Jane's face turned a deeper red as she felt her son's warm breath strike the crack of her ass. She hadn't realized he was so close! Her cunt felt swollen and heavy, and as some juice dribbled from her half- concealed pink flaps, she couldn't help moaning. She slowly turned. Danny jumped up. Jane found herself face to face with her son's bulging crotch. Danny looked down at his mother, at her tits. He saw the creamy upper swells heaving with her heavy breathing, and then he looked at her flushed face. "Uh, did you call, Mom?" he asked, his eyes darting down to her tits again. His mouth felt dry, but the tip of his cock was very wet, and that sticky wetness was beginning to seep through the material of Danny's jeans. Jane couldn't help returning her gaze to her son's growing cock. She couldn't believe this was happening, and she was ashamed to admit that she really wanted to see his cock. A dark, damp stain grew at the top of the thumping bulge, and she groaned. It had been years since she'd seen or tasted pre-cum! Jane shivered. Her body tingled hotly. She knew that, son or not, she wanted Danny's hard cock. She wanted to fuck her son! Now her most secret desires were about to be fulfilled, and Jane moaned and pressed her flushed cheek against Danny's tented jeans. Her arms went around his lean ass. The surprised boy stiffened as his beautiful mother hugged him and snuggled her face against his throbbing cock. He didn't know what to think. She'd never acted this way before. He swallowed hard and felt his prick jerk. "M-Mom?" he stuttered. "Don't be afraid, Danny," Jane whispered sexily, forcing Holmes from her mind as she lifted her trembling hands to her son's zipper. She pulled it down as he watched, exposing the hairy root of his cock. "N- now that you're getting bigger, growing up, it's time for you to learn about, about making love..." Danny moved like a zombie as his mother's small, soft hand reached into his open fly and tugged his prick out. His prick waved in front of her, and her jaw dropped. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen! It was not only longer than his father's, but far fatter than any she'd jerked off as a teenager! "My God!" she whispered hoarsely. "I-I didn't know you were so--I mean, I didn't know your cock had grown so much!" Danny was shocked. He'd never heard his mother use that word before. Then her fist was actually gripping his thick shaft and he groaned with delight. She was jerking him off! Danny looked down at his swollen cock as it was squeezed by his sexy mother's soft fingers, then he watched her big tits swing and bounce as her arm pumped. Over her shoulder, he could see the bottom of her bare ass peeking out beneath her skirt. He began to pant with excitement. Jane knew her ass was showing. She could feel the air flowing from the screen door, cooling it, and used her free hand to tug her skirt higher. She knew from experience that the sight of a woman's naked ass quivering fleshly would turn most men into sex fiends. Danny was no exception. He leaned forward, bending over her shoulder for a better view. In doing so he pushed his dripping knob against his mother's face. "Ohhhhh," Jane sighed, feeling the trail of warm pre-cum cooling on her cheek and ear. Then she pushed against him until he stood up straight in front of her again. Danny saw his mother's mammoth, pale tits and the large, dark nipples protruding stiffly from them. He licked his dry lips and looked at her. "Can I...?" he began, his voice cracking, when Jane jumped up. The sudden movement caused her huge tits to slap Danny's chest. "Yes, Danny," Jane interrupted. "You can." And she took her son's trembling hands and placed them on her naked tits. Danny went wild. His hands closed painfully tight over the warm, spongy flesh. His fingers dug into her softness and kneaded her gorgeous tits furiously. Jane moaned. "Oh, not so hard," she groaned, feeling her nipples swell and tighten. Danny's grip instantly eased. He looked down at the red marks left by his eager fingers, then he gently stroked and squeezed the fullness of his mother's shaking tits. When his fingers and thumbs caught her nipples and squeezed, Jane shivered and sighed. His touch was like a dream come true. Her tit-tips burned, then inflamed, her nipples blooming and throbbing. "Oh, Jeez, they're big!" Danny exclaimed. Jane threw her arms around him. Danny felt his mother's mammoth tits squeezing against his chest as his hands slid down to cup the round, heavy cheeks of her soft ass. He massaged those spongy buns until they glowed warmly. The intimate, incestuous embrace made Jane's brain reel. She could feel Danny's huge, jerking prick sandwiched between their bellies. Before either of them knew it, they were kissing, their open mouths hotly fused as their tongues dueled. Jane felt her cunt dribble more hot juice as they kissed. Danny continued to knead the tingling flesh of her ass. His fingers were digging into her deep crack, spreading and exposing her wet asshole. "Uhhhh," she groaned as one of her son's fingers tentatively circled her hot, smooth bung. His fingers were digging furrows in her tender white flesh, now, as he poked and prodded curiously at her tiny, hairless pucker. Jane mewled low into Danny's mouth as his stiff finger slid past her slippery sphincter muscle and into the spongy, musty heat of her shit-chute. "Awooo-o-o-o-o!" Jane moaned as her son's finger went all the way into her squeezing back-passage. He gleefully twisted and turned his finger, massaging the tender pink lining of her ass with his finger. Jane shuddered in his arms and leaned against him. "N-no more," Jane gasped, breaking their long, wet kiss. Her hands went between them to grip his thumping prick. Danny moved his hips a little, trying to fuck his mother's fist. He smeared his pre-cum across her trembling belly. He couldn't wait much longer, he knew. Jane felt her son's cock jumping and realized he was about to cum. Gently, she pulled on his cock until he was kneeling between her plump, quivering thighs as she stretched out before him. Her soft fingers continued to manipulate his straining prick. When Danny tried to steer his cock into her exposed cunt, Jane cried: "No, no, shoot it over me! Squirt your cum on mommy's tits, honey! Please, Danny, I want to feel your cummmmm!" Danny couldn't resist. Seeing her spread before him, her enormous tits, her full thighs spread wide and her cunt spread even wider as she begged him to cover her with his jism, made his nuts contract. Danny's cock swelled in her hands. The dark knob expanded and his piss- slit gaped. And then Jane felt the shaft shiver mightily. "Ahhhhh, yessss!" she hissed ecstatically. "Ughh, uhhh, ahhhhhh!" Danny grunted, his cum boiling out and splashing on her shaking tits. The thick jism coated his mother's pretty face with hot, creamy strings. Four or five weaker spurts followed, landing nearer and nearer to Jane's milking fingers, until her son's final, gooey drops drooled over her knuckles. "Ohhhh, Danny," Jane sighed, releasing his dwindling, fat cock and smearing his still-warm cum all over her heavy tits. She smiled and looked up at his handsome, sweaty face. "Did I jerk you off nice, honey?" she asked, watching his eyes as she cupped one mammoth boob and shoved it up to her face. "Jeez, yeah! I never came so hard!" Danny exclaimed. "But I thought you wanted me to, uh, put it in you?" "If you mean fuck me, say it," Jane said, running her tongue across the glistening surface of one quivering tit. "I want to fuck you," Danny said. "Oh, I love you!" Jane exclaimed, pulling him down on top of her. Danny felt her big tits mashing under his chest. He ripped his shirt off. Now he could feel those warm, fleshy tits on his bare skin. He felt his mother's long legs wrap around his waist, and the extremely hot, wet, wriggly lips of her cunt kissed the drooling tip of his flaccid cock. "Play with me, Danny," Jane sighed as she hugged her son hard. "Make me go crazy and then fuck me real fast!" His mother's lewd words excited him even more. Lying on her soft, warm body was greater than anything he'd ever fantasized. Mary couldn't compare with his mother's fleshy, fat-titted body. He ran his hand down her bare stomach and into the thick, bushy tangle of her wet pubic hairs. He felt her plump, pink pussylips. They were sleek and slippery, curling open as he teased the loose folds. Jane groaned and squirmed under him and spread her legs wider. Her fat- lipped gash opened, and its steamy, musty smell wafted into his nostrils. "Can you smell my hot cunt?" Jane groaned. "Can you smell how horny you've made your mother, honey?" "Oh, yeah, Mom! I can smell it!" Danny gasped, his face buried between the quaking mounds of her tits. He rooted his fingers vigorously into her raw cunt, stirring her juices. He heard her groan again. "Lower, Danny, lower," Jane sighed, hunching toward her son's hand. "Shove some fingers in my hole, finger-fuck me." Danny slid his fingers down to his mother's narrow fuck-hole and eased into the clinging passage. Even to the inexperienced boy, her cunt felt tight, near-virginal, and he realized that his mother's wet cunt-hole had contracted. "Is that it?" he asked, pumping his finger inside her constricted hole. "Am I doing it right?" "Oh, yes, that's great, Danny! Oh, you're turning into a wonderful lover! Ummmm, do I feel your cock getting hard already? My goodness, you're a real stud!" Jane knew how to turn a kid on. It was coming back to her, now, all the things she'd said or done to turn a nervous or tired teenager into a hard-cocked wonder. Danny grinned and pushed deep into his mother's wet cunt-tunnel. Then he pulled his finger slowly out. Then back in again. He could feel her cunt. Lifting up to meet his thrusts, and her hips were rolling slightly under his weight. "P-put in another," she whispered. Obediently, Danny inserted a second finger into his mother's hot, greasy slot. The two fingers worked back and forth, whipping up her copious juices until the crack of her ass was filled with slippery cunt-juice. Jane's clit was up and straining, and she wanted to teach Danny how to play with it. But she was afraid if he started, she'd cum right away, and she didn't want to do that. So she used all her will power to delay her desires. "D-Danny, take your fingers out, now, and just tug on my hair. No, the hair right above my pussylips. Ohhh, yes, there!" Danny picked and pulled at his mother's wet curls. This pleasant mildly painful stimulation created a sexy ticklishness around Jane's bulging clit. She had an almost uncontrollable urge to scratch her supersensitive clit, but she knew if she waited it would feel even better. Jane squirmed, making her huge tits wobble on Danny's face. He was resting his head in the wide crevice of her tits, his eyes half-closed and a dreamy smile on his lips. She rubbed his back and stroked his hair, then pushed one big tit around until she had the long, hard nipple close to him. "Suck my tit, honey," she said. "Take it in nice and soft and rub it with your tongue." Danny quickly had not only his mother's big nipple, but as much of her breast-flesh in his mouth as he could manage. He gurgled happily and began sucking. "Mmmmmm, ohhhh, yesssss," Jane sighed. "You do that so nice, Danny!" As he sucked, the horny boy could see his mother's other tit, and the prominent nipple straining from the top of it. Her nipple looked as large as the first joint of his thumb, just as thick. As he sucked his mother's huge tits, Jane moaned. His fingers were still tugging her silky curls, and her gaping, drooling cunt felt slack and heavy. She was sure her narrow cunt-mouth was expanding just a little, readying itself for Danny's broad, long cock. But Danny began to hunger for the taste of that hot cunt he was smelling. Slowly, he began to slide down her trembling body, his lips and tongue kissing and licking her soft, creamy flesh as he descended. "Ohhhhh," Jane breathed as his tongue-tip circled her belly button. Her eyes were clouded with mindless passion. "Ohhh, Danny! You're not going to ... ohhh, that's my favorite thing, honey! It drives me wild!" Danny's chin was resting on the hairy bulge of her cunt, and Jane was so excited that she never even thought about offering even token resistance. Her wonderful son was about to eat her pussy, and his slow approach was an excruciating agony of suspense. Raising up on his elbows, the horny boy pushed his red face to within an inch of his mother's heavily haired, gaping cunt. He stared, entranced. His mother's thick curls were matted down on either side of her large, pink outer lips, and in the gleaming, watery center, her wrinkled inner lips pouted invitingly. At the top, the hard, deep red knob of her long, gristly clit throbbed wildly, straining outward from its hood as if begging for attention. It was so much larger than Mary's little marble that Danny went for it first. "WAAAAWWWWWW! AAAWOOOO!" Jane wailed as she felt her trembling clit sucked in between her son's soft, hot lips. His tongue snapped over the captured clit, and she shook and squirmed passionately. Over the curly rise of her cunt, Danny's eyes watched her huge white tits do a crazy dance as they rolled and slapped on her bouncing body. He sucked his mother's jutting clit mercilessly, slapping it with his tongue and tugging it with his squeezing lips. Her hot, slightly salty flavor made his mouth fill with saliva, which leaked out to mingle with her juices. Soon her ass was soaking as was the kitchen floor. Her legs spread out as far as they'd go, and Danny finally released her tormented clit and sent his eager tongue into the hot, mushy, mucous- lined walls of her narrow cunt-tunnel. "Ahhhh-hunhhh!" Jane gasped, hunching as her teenage son tongue-fucked her. She felt his warm, wriggly licker slither into her creaming cuntal cavity, crowding the slippery walls and rooting deeply as her juice flowed into his mouth. Her arms and legs thrashing, Jane shrieked with ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through her belly, and her cunt puckered and relaxed rhythmically around Danny's stabbing tongue. Hot juice bubbled out, coating his cheeks and chin as she humped up, forcing his tongue out of her hole as she mindlessly tried to fuck her son's face. Danny held on to her thighs and ass as she exploded again and again. Occasionally, he mashed his face into her thick pink folds and gave her a few quick laps before slurping off. He never knew how many times he had made his mother cum, but it was somewhere after the fourth or fifth that she collapsed, her body still trembling.

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